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bank card rfid

Researchers Warn of Potential Personal Data Theft from Chips in Bank Card RFID

As the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in credit and debit cards becomes more widespread, concerns have been raised about the security of personal information. These chips allow for easy payment by swiping the card over a reader...
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Cainiao's RFID Tag Chip Shipments Exceed 100 Million Pieces, Ranking First among Logistics Companies

Cainiao logistics technology IoT (Internet of Things) products have made new achievements. The reporter learned that the precise radio frequency identification technology (RFID) electronic label chip shipments led by...
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rfid enabled

Hospital Deploys RFID-enabled print-on-demand Smart Wristband to Patients

SATO's UHF RFID Direct Thermal Wristbands are designed to be printed and encoded at healthcare facilities upon patient admission for automatic identification within a distance of approximately 6 feet, or to track movement through a fixed RFID reader portal...
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rfid blocking wallets

Have You Used RFID Blocking Wallets?

In life, people who carry wallets will have bank cards, credit cards, and transportation cards in their bags. Recently, many cities have launched the service of using bank cards UnionPay QuickPass to take subways and buses, which greatly facilitates people's travel...
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Implanted Chips may Become a New Development Trend in the Future

In 2016, a foreign game developer named Zoe Quinn recently implanted an NFC chip between the thumb and index finger of his palm. And after she implanted it, Zeo programmed the chip to send him a link to the game's homepage in HumbleBundle....
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Toppan The New Fragile Label Uses Paper as the Substrate Instead of Plastic

Toppan, a long-time member of AIPIA with global interests in communications, security, packaging, decorative materials and electronic solutions, has developed a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag that uses paper...
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