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Hong Kong Autumn Exhibition title

Newbega Leading Smart Card Innovations at Hong Kong Autumn Exhibition

Newbega Radio Frequency Technology Co., Ltd., a leading company specializing in the production of smart cards and RFID tags, exhibited its cutting-edge products and demonstrated industry-leading expertise at the highly anticipated Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer...
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amiibo nfc tag

Amiibo NFC Tag is Advancing Rapidly in Encryption Technology

Nintendo officials recently said that the virtual item Amiibo nfc tag purchased by users is the worst area of piracy. There are a lot of pirated products on the market, by writing NFC white cards to be disguised as genuine products...
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sml rfid

RFID Industry Giant SML Entered the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

With the development of RFID industry, the rapid growth of the RFID label market, bringing practitioner SML Group Corporation ("SML") to more than HK $1 billion per year, also allows the company to expand into the capital markets. According to Hong Kong...
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newbega nfc chip

Will to Implant NFC Chips in the Human Body be the Future?

Recognition technology, which only appeared in science fiction for decades ago, is now commonplace by implanting NFC chips. In modern life, face brushing, fingerprint unlocking, and iris recognition are as common as...
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News rfid chip in sport

How Does the RFID Chips Bring the Data to the Coach?

It was first and goal for the Seattle Seahawks during a 2020 game against Arizona. Cardinals safety Budda Baker jumped the lane to snare an interception, tearing off for the end zone, but Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf—who was...
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rfid chip

UHF Technology May Usher in the Red Sea Market

According to official news from CETC, on January 4, the ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification chips developed by China CETC Network Communication Research Institute have been delivered to users one after...
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