Nintendo officials recently said that the virtual item Amiibo nfc tag purchased by users is the worst area of piracy. There are a lot of pirated products on the market, by writing NFC white cards to be disguised as genuine products. 

amiibo nfc tags

Gamers can buy cheap bootleg amiibo stickers from Amazon or AliExpress. These tags can also allow players to get special game items. In order to further protect the interests of legitimate users, they decided to add more security-related features to the NFC tag chips. Want to know more details about this event? Continue reading, and you can know it.

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Do You Know Amiibo?

Amiibo Is a handmade released by Nintendo at E3 in June 2014 and contains NFC chips. Buyers can read and obtain virtual items in the game through the NFC recognition chip on the game console. Because of its novel shape, lovely appearance. Not only can it be used as decoration in real life, but also rare items online, so it is loved by customers.

Some research institutions say that Amiibo is expected to become a new hot spot in the game market in the future, with annual revenue of hundreds of billions of yen.

How Do Amiibo NFC Tag Bring about Brand Protection?

Nowadays, the prevalence of online shopping has begun to affect the sales of a number of traditional brands, especially luxury brands. A series of fake products born under their brand effect not only began to affect the sales, but also began to affect the brand image.

As a result, many manufacturers have begun to embed various anti-counterfeiting technologies in their products, especially those with unique identifiers, such as NFC technology just like the Amiibo NFC tag. First of all, NFC labels can be deployed in the whole supply chain of production, storage and transportation, so that brands can do a good job in inventory management from the very beginning to avoid losing the gray market on the way, thus giving birth to “pirated products”.

nfc cards for amiibo

In addition, the small size of the NFC label is also “hidden”, which is convenient to be directly integrated in the product, without the need to compromise on the image of the product itself.

Consumers can also buy these products with their NFC-enabled smartphones to read the NFC labels to get more information than product authenticity. The NFC chip made by Newbega company has built-in detection function, which allows consumers to know whether the product information has been changed through a simple touch.

More importantly, in order to attract young people, many luxury goods begin to add interactive attributes, which can also be realized by NFC. For example, scanning the smartphone app to pop up message animation, origin introduction and other additional information, so as to give more value to the goods.

What Are the Applications of NFC in Cars And Wireless Charging?

At the same time, NFC’s protection technology is widely used in the auto industry (NFC in cars), allowing owners to open the doors directly rather than their car keys. With the popularity of applications such as digital car keys and fast Bluetooth pairing, industry alliances have also begun to propose new safety standards for NFC in cars.

The Automotive Connections Alliance (Car Connectivity Consortium) released the Digital Key 3.0 requirement last year, providing the highest level of safety. The NFC Forum has also issued the certification of CR13 for this specification, which puts forward strict requirements for the low-power wake-up, read distance and other performance of digital car keys.

The application scenario of vehicle NFC is not only on the door handle, but also on the central control. Now more and more car central controls add the wireless charging function of mobile phones, but if any NFC card or NFC card of the car is placed on the charging pad, the high power of wireless charging will burn the card.

nfc in car

Therefore, the Wireless Charging Alliance (WPC) recommends adding an NFC reader to the wireless charging module to stop charging the NFC card once detected, thus protecting the NFC card. At the same time, many mobile phones now have analog cards, such as Apple Pay, traffic cards, etc. The existence of analog cards will make the phones unable to charge wirelessly.

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As a near-field communication technology that has been born for many years, NFC did not have a strong sense of presence in the past, but it has undoubtedly found a new direction in this era of product digitalization. Users will also rediscover this technology and benefit from its innovative NFC applications. 

That is to say, we can not only enjoy the convenience brought by NFC (for example,  the Amiibo NFC tag, NFC in car, NFC in access control, etc.), but also security features supporting NFC as a reliable communication, and its safety can support it to work as a payment role. So great, right? 

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