In 2019, Apple launched the thinnest and lightest product in history: the credit card Apple Card. made of titanium, with a high-quality all-metal, all-white background, minimalist style, and a full sense of technology. Because it is combined with Apple’s Wallet App, the card number, date, and security code are not printed on the card surface. In addition to being more secure, the physical titanium alloy Apple Card credit card has reached the level of a collectible.

apple card made of titanium

However, in a product support document, Apple suggested for the first time that the white surface of the physical Apple Card – achieved through a “multi-layer coating process” – could be prone to scratches, nicks and discoloration.

On Tuesday, the company released a document on the proper way to clean and maintain the credit card, noting that users should gently wipe the surface of the card with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Particularly dirty cards can take the extra step of wiping with a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol solvent.

Also be aware that fabrics like leather and denim can permanently ruin the matte white finish of the card. The coating can also be damaged if it comes into contact with hard surfaces or materials such as keys.

After word of the supporting documents spread, users who took part in the Apple Card beta began sharing their experiences online.

AppleInsider reader Zed shared a photo of his card, which is said to have been in a wallet for about two months. The white surface of the card started to “peel off”, leaving black pits in the once pristine surface.

One tester who has been using the Apple Card every day since launch said their card was showing signs of wear after about a month of use. After the white part of the card was in a wallet with other cards, the edges of the magnetic strip started to fray.

For now, the problem is just cosmetic wear and tear, and users with damaged cards say they have no problem making transactions with their cards.

Still, these experiences are bad news for those looking to keep their shiny Apple gadgets in perfect condition.

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What are the Characteristics of the Apple Card Made of Titanium?

The Apple Card officially listed by Apple has the following major features:

apple card

  • “Four Nos”: no card number, no CVV, no expiration date, no signature
  • Highly integrated with Wallet
  • Up to 3% cash back
  • No annual fee, low interest

From the physical point of view, Apple’s credit card is different from others. It doesn’t even have the most basic card number, CVV code, and no signature is required, because in Apple’s words, this is a credit card that “lives in your iPhone.” credit card”, and Apple Pay is the main usage scenario for this card. Although Apple has not yet opened the application channel, it was also mentioned at the press conference that users can apply for a physical card as a souvenir, but obviously, whether it is an application or activation, this card will be inseparable from the iPhone.

With the help of Apple Pay, this card can naturally be used smoothly at many offline merchants that support card swiping. Since the physical card does not have sensitive information such as card number, expiration date, and CVV, it can also effectively reduce the risk of fraudulent swiping. During online transactions, a virtual card number will also be generated in Wallet, which is convenient for users to use on platforms that do not support Apple Pay (such as Apple’s own Apps Store). In general, there is basically no difference between the consumption experience and ordinary credit cards.

It should be noted that Apple does not have the qualifications to issue cards. The issuer of the Apple Card is actually Goldman Sachs Bank, which uses the clearing network of Mastercard. To be precise, the Apple Card should be a joint card between Apple and Goldman Sachs. The limelight overshadowed the latter.

Why did Apple Choose to Partner with Goldman Sachs?

As an investment bank, the name of Goldman Sachs often appears in various start-up company financing news, but personal finance was not the main business of Goldman Sachs before, but Goldman Sachs has suffered a lot since the financial crisis. The launch of Apple Card this time can be seen as a Test the waters in the C-end market.

Apple chose Goldman Sachs instead of Citigroup, Chase, Barclays and other banks that have been in the credit card field for many years as partners. Perhaps it is precisely because Goldman Sachs has just started in the personal credit card business that Apple has more dominance in negotiations. It is reported that after reaching an agreement with Goldman Sachs, Apple’s commission on this credit card may be twice that of ordinary cards.

Apple’s involvement in the financial circle is not unexpected. Apple’s ambitions in this field can be seen from the promotion of Apple Pay and the iteration of functions. According to a digital blogger, after years of accumulation in iTunes and the App Store, Apple has the world’s largest credit card database, which is also the key to creating Apple Pay, but it has also attracted the attention of the FBI, so Apple released it this time. The meeting has always emphasized the privacy issues of Apple Card. For example, card information and transaction data will be stored in a separate structure of the iPhone and will not be uploaded to Apple’s server.

Summary and Outlook

In general, apple card combined with Wallet’s good experience and Apple’s strong brand effect, I believe it can still attract many people. Apart from other things, the annual fee-free titanium card is also good for collection. . Many people bought the Apple titanium card because of its gorgeous appearance.

titanium card

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