Metal business cards sound like a business card that is not worth promoting. It is expensive and can carry very little information. But now it’s time to change this bias, especially when facing the customers you want to win most. A Metal business card can earn you a lot of points.

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For entrepreneur John Ruhlin, an expensive Metal business card was an investment that brought him more referrals for his company, The Ruhlin Group, which advises businesses in the art of gift-giving.

When done well, business cards can spark conversations that otherwise wouldn’t happen, Ruhlin wrote in his 2016 book “On Gifts.”

In the book, Rulhin recalls an interaction with a former Lowe’s CEO in which Ruhlin described his business but the CEO was “completely blank and barely listening.”

Everything changed when Ruhlin asked to exchange business cards.

“He slowly looked down at the card, looked up at me, looked down at the card, then up again, and exclaimed, ‘This is the coolest damn card I’ve ever seen [except, he didn’t say damn ‘s!] Are you doing it again?” John Ruhlin recalled.

John Ruhlin says he gets a lot of criticism for spending too much money on business cards. He said no manufacturer he contacted had ever made such an expensive card. But he didn’t go bankrupt making the cards—in fact, business increased once he started handing them out.

For Ruhlin, it’s all about keeping his company at the top of the minds of potential customers.

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What is Metal Business Card?

Metal business cards are a unique type of business card that stands out from traditional paper cards. Instead of being made from paper, they are crafted from various metals such as stainless steel, copper, or aluminum. These cards offer a sleek and sophisticated look, making them visually striking and memorable.

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With their durability and resilience, metal business cards are built to last. Unlike paper cards that can easily tear or fade over time, metal cards are resistant to wear and tear. Their solid construction ensures that they maintain their pristine condition, giving them a long lifespan and allowing you to make a lasting impression on potential clients and business partners.

Metal business cards are customizable, allowing you to showcase your brand in a unique and distinguished way. The use of different metals, such as brushed steel or copper, adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your cards. This customization extends beyond the material itself, as you can also incorporate various design elements, such as laser engraving or etching, to further enhance the visual appeal of your cards and make them truly stand out among the competition.

Overall, metal business cards offer a premium and professional alternative to traditional paper cards. They combine durability, customization options, and a distinctive appearance, making them a worthwhile investment for those seeking to make a strong impression and leave a lasting mark in the business world.

Are Metal Business Cards Worth it?

Whether Metal business cards are worth buying varies from person to person. But Ruhlin gave his own answer.

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“It’s ironic to me when I see a company spend ten dollars on a brochure and then throw it away in the trash,” he wrote in the book. “To me, a $3 business card It’s a very good investment because it’s a piece of art that will be displayed by the person who gets it. And in this circuit, I’m a winner and people think of me when they see the metal business card.”

Yes, when you want to excel, this kind of investment is inevitable. Of course, if you want to keep costs down, but make your business cards more designed and unique. You can also choose a good supplier to produce your own customized business cards; in addition to paper business cards, we can also produce cards with various types of chips, which will carry more information.

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