Have you ever wondered why a smart card like the Desfire card needs a card holder for it? Perhaps you are already familiar with this highly secure card and understand its importance in a variety of access control, authentication and payment applications, but still have concerns about the necessity of a card holder.

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Nowadays, information leakage has become a problem that everyone worries about. In the Internet age, everyone has become data-based and transparent. Throughout 2023, the number of people affected by information and data will reach 450 million, and the economic losses caused by data leakage worldwide will reach tens of billions of dollars.

Therefore, it is necessary to take some precautions for cards with your own information. This article will introduce the functions of Desfire cards and the necessity of using card sleeves, and also teach you how to customize a card sleeve that suits you; Of course, if you have a large demand and don’t want to spend so much time on it, you can also hand over these tasks to a suitable supplier. Now, let’s read this article together!

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What is a desfire card? What is its function?

Desfire card is a smart card, which is a highly secure storage medium developed by NXP Semiconductors. It adopts powerful encryption algorithms such as DES and AES, providing advanced security and flexible functions.

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The Desfire card has the following features:

Storing and processing data: Desfire cards have a large storage space and can store various types of data, such as personally identifiable information, financial data, access control permissions, etc. It can process data and perform corresponding logical operations.

Authentication and secure access control: Desfire cards support a variety of authentication mechanisms, including PIN codes, fingerprint recognition, and more. It can be used to implement advanced security access control systems, such as access control systems, electronic wallets, etc., to provide users with safe and reliable authentication and access control.

Multi-application support: Desfire card has the ability to support multiple applications, and can run multiple independent applications on the same card. This makes Desfire cards very useful in scenarios with multiple functional requirements, such as employee access cards that can be used for both access control systems and payment systems for company restaurants.

Complete security features: Desfire card provides multiple security levels, including hardware and software protection mechanisms. It uses strong encryption algorithms such as 128-bit AES and 3DES to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data stored on the card. In addition, Desfire cards support security features such as session keys and dynamic data authentication to protect the security of communications.

Programmability and Flexibility: Desfire cards are programmable, enabling custom logic and functionality for applications. Developers can use the Desfire card’s API and development tools to create and customize applications to meet specific needs.

So far, Desfire cards have been used in the enterprise management of more than tens of thousands of companies, saving a lot of labor and money. In addition, it is also widely used in many fields such as hotels, transportation, and smart keys. The ability to do so many things simultaneously on a tiny chip-on-chip card is one of the symbols of a new era.

But because it stores a large amount of sensitive data and information, it is very important to protect the Desfire card. In addition to the built-in protection program, people also protect it through card sleeves or shielded wallets.

What is a cardholder? What can the cardholder Bring to Desfire?

Card holder is an outer casing used to protect, organize and organize cards. It is usually made of materials such as plastic, leather, silicone, etc., and is designed with appropriate shapes and sizes for different types of cards.

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The main function of the card holder is to provide extra protection against scratches, bending or damage to the cards. It can protect the appearance and chip of the card and prolong the service life of the card. In addition, the card sleeve can also help users easily carry and manage multiple cards so that they can quickly find the desired card.

In order to ensure that the Desfire card and the data on it are fully protected, it is very critical to use a custom card holder.

The card sleeve provides an extra layer of protection for Desfire cards, effectively preventing damage caused by scratches, bending or external contamination. For example, once the surface of the Desfire card is scratched, it may affect the reading performance of the card, or even make it unable to use normally. While the sleeve is designed to resist scratches and friction, maintaining the integrity and readability of Desfire cards.

In addition, the ferrules extend the life of the Desfire cards, reducing replacement costs and potential risks. Since the price of the Desfire card is relatively high, using a card sleeve can protect the card from damage and reduce frequent replacement due to card damage. This reduces replacement costs and, in critical scenarios, the potential safety risk of card failures.

Except to protection, the card holder also helps users neatly organize multiple Desfire cards. When a person needs to carry multiple cards, such as access control cards, bus cards, employee work cards, etc., the card holder provides a convenient way to centrally store these cards. Users can put multiple cards into different card slots or internal compartments of the card holder, thus effectively avoiding confusion and loss among cards.

The card sleeves made by Newbega can be customized according to customer requirements. At the same time, we also provide products such as shielded wallets, which allow users to classify cards more effectively.

How to Make a Card Holder that Suits You?

Maybe you don’t necessarily want to store your own desfire cards, but more likely to collect some precious cards, such as Pokémon cards, star cards, or some other collectible cards. In 2020, the global collectible card game market has reached US$11.13 billion, and is expected to reach US$31.26 billion in 2027, with a compound growth rate of 15.7%. The card market is still thriving, and people appreciate the pictures and text on the cards. And keep it as a hobby.

Therefore, it is very important to protect these cards, after all, no one wants their items to be damaged. At the same time, the card sleeve is usually designed with a clear card slot or label, and the user can put a specific card into a specific position according to the needs. For example, you could put a shiny collectible card in one slot, a regular card in another, and so on. This visual and neat organization makes it easy for users to find the cards they need, saving time and effort.

If you want to customize a card sleeve, you must first find a professional card sleeve supplier or manufacturer: it is very important to choose a professional card sleeve supplier or manufacturer, who can provide high-quality card sleeves and personalized customization services . You can find a reliable supplier or manufacturer by searching online, asking for recommendations from others, or by referring to professional directories in related industries.

The second is to consider the material. Choosing the right material has a significant impact on the appearance, protection and durability of the ferrule. Commonly used materials include plastic, leather, silicone, etc. Choose materials according to usage requirements, such as choosing waterproof or scratch-resistant materials to increase the protective effect of the sleeve.

The last is to consider the design elements to make it more in line with the user’s aesthetics. For example, card collectors are more inclined to cool or brightly colored card sleeves, and they hope to be transparent, so that they can see the contents of the card sleeves clearly. Owners of chip cards (such as desfire cards) will be more inclined to its protective function, and the card holder may need to have company or team logo, contact information, personal name, etc. At the same time, design elements such as appropriate size, number of card slots, and organizational functions are selected to meet the convenience of portability and use.

Generally speaking, it is not complicated to customize a set of your own card sets. However, before customizing card holders, it is best to clarify your needs and budget. Communicate well with suppliers, articulate the details and requirements needed, and make sure they can meet them. Request samples in advance to assess the quality of the sleeve and the effect of personalization options. At the same time, pay attention to the requirements of production cycle and order quantity to ensure that the required ferrules can be obtained on time.


All in all, the card holder can effectively protect the card from damage to ensure its service life. The service life of a general card is only 5 years, which can be extended to several times under reasonable protection; more importantly, it can protect your information from being lost over time.

Newbega is a professional manufacturer of smart cards, and our chips come from the first-level agent of NXP China. We are not only a smart card company, but also provide any solutions related to smart cards. If you have requirements about desfire chips or related products, you can click the green button below to get in touch with us.

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