Recently, In his new book, the chip trap, Marc Lassus, chief founder of French chip smart card maker Gemplus, chose to bluntly reveal how U. S. security services persecuted him and seized control of his technology and the company.


He tells many surprising stories in the book, such as the United States not only usurping Gemplus’s lead in the industry, but also using high-tech unicorns’ chip smart cards to gather information and eavesdrop on the rest of the world.

Gemplus The incident is just one of the historical scenes in which the United States uses its national power to steal information. For decades, the country has relied on its technological advantages to indulge in the peeping and eavesdropping of ordinary people, its rivals and even its Allies.

This startling revelation sparked an outcry around the world against American coercion in the economic and technological fields.

The book, published after the American Trap: My Secret Economic Battle to the rest of the World, written by Frederic Pierucci, a former senior manager of the French energy and transportation group of Alstom, is another testament to the dark history of the United States. Induce or defraud technology companies from other countries for ill-gotten gains.

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American Manipulation of Chip Smart Cards

Founded in 1988, Gemplus used to be the world’s leading provider of solutions based on chip smart cards. The company has production factories and research and development centers in 37 countries and regions around the world. By the end of 2000, the company’s chip smart card production ranked first in the world, accounting for more than 40% of the world market share.

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As the company grew, according to co-founder Lassus, the U. S. security service had been catching up, and the CIA had sent an investment group to secretly seize absolute control of Gemplus.

“When I started my company, I started having problems with the Americans. They wrote a big check for 550 million euros  to buy a 26 percent stake in the company, ” Lassus told the media.

“But what I didn’t know was the first shareholders at the time, since they appreciated in the capital, they were my allies —— they have 20%, I have 19%, we’re working together. All of a sudden, we saw them fully serving the Americans and the CIA, ” he recalls.

At the same time, it has established a consulting firm that has long worked closely with the CIA and the NSA to train U. S. investors in KGS and “provide several strategic recommendations to KGS management,” he said.

Lassus was eventually forced to resign, “and American Alex Mandel, who served on the board of CIA venture capital firm IN-Q-TEL, became CEO of Gemplus,” he said.

Eavesdrop The World with Chip Smart Card

In Pierucci’s memoirs, he was arrested, charged, and jailed in the United States in 2013.

After being fined by the Justice Department, Alstom’s core business was sold to its main US rival, General Electric.

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Alstom has never been the only case where the United States has tried through long-arm jurisdiction and other ulterior means to greatly weaken its foreign rivals and consolidate its economic advantage.

In the case of Gemplus, the US has not only usurped the company’s industry leadership, but has also used high-tech unicorn chip smart cards to collect information and eavesdrop on the rest of the world.

“Since the Gemplus incident, the spies have no longer had to go out. Most of the time, they can stay behind their computers. They use the correct software. They have access to the system, especially in telecommunications, which is a SIM card, ” Lassus said.

According to Rassus, the CIA had all the data on his company’s customers, covering billions of people. When Americans use Gemplus, he said, they already have all the access code for every customer of the company.

After American manipulation was exposed in his book, the condemnation of America spread rapidly on social networks.

Internet user Fofifonfec said, ” In the face of shark greed…… Before all of his property is stolen, a certain innocence may lead to destruction.”

Internet user Cliona commented: ” In fact, the United States is just a cuckoo, shamelessly plundering and stealing the technology they are interested in.”


The turmoil in the world has brought new changes to the technological war, which means chip smart card has huge space for research and development.

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