China’s local clothing group Daily Fashion has recently put new tags on their clothes, which are three or four times more expensive, but they think they are an “environmentally friendly” business. The key lies in the RFID tag hidden on the tag.

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These clothing labels do not seem surprising, but in fact they can play a huge role in warehousing logistics, retail feedback, design and production, and then help the brand greatly improve the efficiency of warehousing and logistics and clothing inventory backlog problem, quite a deep hidden “under the iceberg” style.

Overstocking and waste have long been the most criticized problems in the fashion and luxury industries. In 2018, Burberry burned off 250 million yuan worth of inventory, which deeply branded the extravagant and wasteful image of the industry in the hearts of the general public, and also promoted the persistent pursuit of sustainable development in the clothing industry in the past two years.

According to public data, as of the first half of 2018, the inventory of Swedish fast fashion brand H & M has reached 36.333 billion ($4 billion), up 13% year on year, which was equivalent to 31.9% of the brand’s sales. With sales across the fashion industry slowing, the risk of inventory profits is growing.

Brands also need to change the current situation of “not environmental protection”, which not only seriously damages their own image, but also makes them bear the heavy operating costs, and the RFID clothing label is the best solution to this problem.

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What is the Clothing Label? What are its Advantages?

Clothing label is a kind of label that uses radio frequency identification technology to read or input information. In developed countries, clothing giants are using the technology on a large scale to improve efficiency.

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The technology was previously widely used in supermarket and automotive manufacturing, also known as the wireless version of bar codes, and the entire RFID system consists of an electronic tag, an antenna and a reader.


Its operation mechanism is to take the clothing tag as the carrier to install the RFID electronic tag to the tag. The electronic tag can send the information stored in the chip or the signal of a certain frequency, and then accept by the reader and transmit to the data management system, and make corresponding processing and control for different Settings.


In other words, it offsets possible errors from manual operations through a series of point-to-point automated operations.

Future Development of RFID Technology

The possibility of RFID technology extension can also satisfy the curiosity of brands. The third phase plan is to incorporate facial recognition technology and AI big data, with the precise direction of RFID to achieve a more ambitious retail solution. For the regulars of the brand, the daily broadcast intends to use face recognition, and introduce all their consumption interactions, and establish their personal consumption habits and preference files.


With the help of AI big data to analyze and even predict consumption trends and habits, Lin Liang said: ” It can be understood that everything is to better understand consumers better, so as to achieve accurate production.”

It’s just that when a technology is quite mature, there is less room for creativity. Cui Qin said:

“This RFID has been around for decades, and its technology has reached its ceiling, and the derivative system we do for it is certainly not a big MAC system. However, with the development of human technology itself, it has the opportunity to combine and match with various future technologies to achieve more solutions.”

However, to achieve such a large scale application, the clothing group needs to invest the cost of natural expensive. From the update of RFID storage and sorting equipment to the application of Pangu system, Ribo Group has invested tens of millions, if the future to face recognition technology is widely used in various physical stores is bound to invest more.

Whether it is to control production or environmental protection, the huge cost input and not significant return speed are the reasons for some enterprises prohibitive.

Summary and Outlook

The development of RFID technology always meets a variety of problems in the early stage, but its combination with the future technology is one of the expected goals.

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