Computers are nothing new to most people these days, from PCs to laptops to tablets and even mini tablets, computers are becoming smaller, but even so, you probably haven’t seen a computer that can fit directly into your wallet. And Intel recently showed off a computer smart card that is about the size of a credit card.

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Intel’s smart card Computer Card has a seven-generation Intel Kaby Lake processor, has a memory, Bluetooth, storage components and even wireless connectivity. The Computer Card is 9.4X5.6X0.2cm, according to the report.

But because the Computer Card is so small, it also has a fatal drawback: it doesn’t have a USB port and can’t be connected to the display. The only way to use it is to plug it into a larger device, like a SIM card or another memory card, but plugging it into an older device can relatively extend its life.

While it sounds great, Intel has also made it clear that Computer Card will not sell it directly to consumers, but will sell it to manufacturers to put smart cards into other devices. So Intel didn’t sell the mini computer as a standard computer, Intel wanted to plug it into more smart devices, and replace it, such as a TV, refrigerator and washing machine, which is why Intel designed the mini computer.

After the card was released in 2017, it worked with Dell, Lenovo, HP and others. Add a special slot for the device, I believe that some of our PC machine will probably use such a slot to facilitate the use of Intel this small Computer Card. In this way, it means that we won’t have to buy a new product for our future PC upgrades, just insert the Compute Card and buy the latest processor and components.

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What is Computer Card?

Computer Card Is a modular computing device developed by Intel Corporation, which is about the same size as a credit card, but has a complete PC function. Computer Card There are different models, with different algebra of Intel processors, memory, storage and wireless connectivity.

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Computer Card It can be inserted into other devices, such as monitors, keyboards, or speakers, to turn them into smart devices. Computer Card Can also support the CUDA technology, using the GPU for high-performance computing.

For example, you bought a powerful 4K HDR TV, but a few years later when the hardware starts to age, you can switch to Computer Card to upgrade its performance, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to upgrade the whole machine. And this product can eat a variety of smart home products and commercial devices.

The significance of computer card research and development is that in the past, the the pace of equipment performance performance is slowing down. If you use the overall idea of “the old not the new”, it will not only waste money, but also pollute the environment, while the emergence of Computer Card will prolong the life cycle of the equipment in the hands of users.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Cards?

The advantage of Computer Card is that it is very small, easy to carry and use, which can make many devices become intelligent, but also can provide powerful computing power.

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At the same time, it can also support a variety of operating systems and platforms, in the long run, can reduce equipment costs and maintenance costs.

The disadvantage of Computer Card is that it does not have a USB interface, cannot be directly connected to monitors or other peripherals, need to be used through a dedicated slot or adapter, and its price may be higher than the average PC.

And in the early stage of development, its battery life is not satisfactory, the heat dissipation effect has not meet the expectations, which are some problems that need to be overcome in the early stage.

Summary and Outlook

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