Recently, there is a rumor in the Chinese market that the chain of Carrefour “customized gift cards cannot be settled”, and residents in many places report that Carrefour’s gift card consumption is limited, and some shelves are empty.

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In this case, a reporter Carrefour respect to understand the situation. On February 4, the relevant person in charge of Carrefour continued the previous January response caliber said to reporters that Carrefour’s current store consumption support WeChat / Alipay / cloud flash payment / bank card / cash and other settlement methods, most of the goods can use gift cards.

To understand the supply and operation of Carrefour stores in Guangzhou, on February 4, Guangzhou daily reporter visited located in baiyun district Carrefour and located in the tianhe district of Carrefour, the scene found fruits and vegetables shop, meat, eggs, milk and other fresh shelves appear certain vacancy, especially fruits, vegetables and fresh meat supply problem is prominent.

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What is a Gift Card? What Products Can Carrefour gift cards Buy?

A gift card is a voucher or prepaid card issued by a merchant for consumption within a specified merchant and time period. This card is usually used for employee benefits, business gifts, holiday gifts, etc., as it is portable, and the option is given to the recipient. So exchanging gift cards has gradually become a fashionable way of life.

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From international supermarkets to local convenience store chains, selling gift cards as a means of promotion. Its actual price will be cheaper than the denomination price, so that consumers have more desire to consume.

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What kinds of products can Carrefour gift cards buy? the reporter noticed in the local store to use gift cards settlement category mainly daily necessities and some long shelf life of food category, as for the shelf life is short fresh rice except prawns and hairtail a few categories, few fresh class products can’t use the gift card settlement.

The reason why there will be a shortage of supply, the store site staff responded to reporters that “the goods have not arrived, the recent supplier has not been negotiated”. And the local shop site is dismantling part of the shelves, the staff said to transform.

Will the Customized Gift Card Expire? Can Consumers Voluntarily Return Their Gift Cards?

On whether the customized gift card will expire and other issues, the reporter to the site staff learned that the gift card surface did indicate the effective use time, but “if expired can also come to the scene for renewal”. As for the consumer do not want to use can return the card? The field staff responded, “Of course not, if you don’t want to use it, just send it away or resale.”

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Do consumers hold prepaid gift cards, but Carrefour is unable to provide sufficient amounts of goods, and does the settlement restrictions on gift card consumption infringe on consumers’ rights? Do consumers have the right to return the card?

For this problem, some professional lawyers said that if the operator can not provide sufficient goods in accordance with the articles of association or agreement, limited settlement, damage to the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.”

As card issuing and selling enterprises, merchants have the legal obligation to guarantee the operation quality of commercial prepaid cards. If technical reasons cannot be used for a long time, they should provide card return service according to the articles of association or agreements of single-use cards to timely protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.”

But he also said that whether it is reasonable for merchants to make restrictions on the gift card support of consumer goods mainly depends on the articles of association at that time, “if no special explanation or reminder, unreasonable restrictions can not be made.”

From the Gift Card Consumption Limited To the Carrefour Dilemma

Although Carrefour entered the Chinese mainland market in 1995, as of September 2022, China had only 151 supermarket stores left, with 54 closed in the first three quarters.


In this regard, the third quarter report explained that Carrefour’s business in the third quarter was affected by multiple factors, bringing a rapid decline in scale, and the high fixed rent cost was difficult to share, and said that Suning has fully launched Carrefour business adjustment in the third quarter.

On the one hand, close some regional stores and gather advantageous cities to operate.On the other hand, increase the integration of 3C business of electrical appliances in Carrefour stores, with the advantage of hypermarkets, improve the income of home appliance business with strong profit, and share fixed costs.

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