Today, with the impact of COVID-19, contactless payments are becoming more popular. In addition, NFC plays a crucial role in more fields, including wearables, security verification, and logistics. ABI Research More than 15 billion NFC-enabled devices and items / products are expected to be shipped between 2022 and 2026.

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Recently, the three NFC suppliers, including Infineon, Newbega and ST, have taken a series of measures to strengthen the layout of the NFC market.

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Infineon’s Customized NFC products

Infineon has completed the acquisition of the NFC patent portfolio of France Brevets and Verimatrix. Infineon is now the sole owner of the patent portfolio, including nearly 300 patents from different countries.


All patents are related to NFC technology: either technologies embedded in integrated circuits , such as active load modulation, or technologies that enhance NFC availability at the user level. The patent portfolio was previously held by the France Brevets. It is now fully integrated into Infineon’s patent management.

“With this acquisition, Infineon has further strengthened its IP and technology portfolio, especially in our leading Iot security and connectivity market. “Said Thomas Rosteck, president of Infineon’s Internet security systems division.

“The expansion of our own patent portfolio highlights the company’s excellence positioning and its continued investment in technologies across multiple verticals. The patents obtained will not only increase our visibility in connectivity and the Internet of Things, but will also be another step towards our IP lead in device certification.”

The recently acquired patent portfolio supports easy and rapid development in some of the most challenging environments to enable innovative customer solutions. Potential applications include the Internet of Things and secure authentication and transactions in wearables such as wristbands, rings, watches and glasses.

Manufacturers of NFC equipment often face specific geometries and materials. In addition, limiting shape factors and safety implementation are extending the design cycle.

For example, NFC integration in wearables typically requires small circular antennas and specific structures. This results in the physical boundary of the antenna size achieving standard consistency with conventional passive load modulation. ALM as one of the technical aspects covered by the NFC patent portfolio can help overcome space limitations.

Newbega’s Customized NFC Products

Newbega company is able to make the NXP Ntag424 DNA blank card products that combines certified security with innovative tamper state detection mechanisms and battery-free sensing to measure changes in environmental conditions such as humidity, liquid filling levels, or pressure.

ntag 424 dna

This enables product developers to quickly, easily and sustainably combine secure authentication with product state detection or state monitoring to help maintain secure supply chain and product integrity.

With the new NXP Ntag424 DNA blank card, IC’s secure and unique NFC (SUN) authentication message function can be used to easily authenticate physical products, allowing manufacturers to economically and efficiently combat counterfeiting and supply chain fraud.

The electronic tamper state detection function of the multifunctional NXP Ntag424 DNA blank card Status Detect IC device enables the manufacturer or product user to verify that the product is opened unauthorized. In addition, measurements of capacitor changes in environmental conditions (e. g., humidity, pressure, or liquid level) for healthcare, retail, or industrial applications.

ST's Customized NFC Products

STMicroelectronics’s ST25TN512 and ST25TN01K NFC Forum Type 2 label IC bring higher cost performance for consumer interaction, product information sharing, brand protection and other applications.

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ST25TN512 / 01K NFC tag IC is also suitable for smart city and access control management, supporting a variety of user protection and privacy mechanisms, including a 7-bit unique chip identification number, TruST25 digital signature, NFC Forum T2T block level (Block) permanent write protection, and configurable termination mode with permanently closed labels.

ST25TN512 And ST25TN01K obtain NFC Forum Type 2 certification, adopt ISO 14443 non-contact smart card standard, support NFC mobile phone or special short distance card reader. The embedded memory contains up to 208 bytes (1664 bits).

Labels that support NFC data exchange format (NDEF) messages can trigger native operations on a smartphone without a dedicated application, for example, opening a web browser or starting Bluetooth® Bluetooth pairing. The enhanced NDEF (ANDEF) format also supports reading dynamic information, such as custom messages and unique Tap code, without explicitly updating the EEPROM.

ST25TN512 / 01K NFC label IC manufacturing process is a newly developed technology in STMicroelectronics, the technology level leads the industry, and can bring better performance for the product.

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