Environmental protection is a hot topic in the world today, and most manufacturers will also look for some environmental protection materials for production, the degradability of PLA is fully in line with the environmental protection requirements of products. Newbega has contributed a new eco friendly card to the environmental industry.

eco friendly card

PLA is made from renewable plant resources (corn, wheat grain, sugar beet, etc.), and then spinning to produce polylactic acid fiber.

After abandonment, the fiber products are completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water needed for plant growth with the help of microorganisms in soil and water. It is a completely natural cycle of biodegradable and environmentally friendly fiber.

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What is Eco Friendly Card?

Eco friendly card Is a card made of environmentally friendly materials, whose issuers usually support non-profit organizations or other initiatives dedicated to improving the environment, such as donating some of the transaction volume to environmental agencies or projects.

friendly card

At the same time, eco friendly card may also offer environmentally related incentives or benefits, such as higher cash back and discounts when shopping with sustainable brands.

Its use range is very wide, as long as it is related to cards can be replaced, is a major measure of people on the future environmental protection cause.

What are the Main Components of the Eco Friendly Card?

The main component of the eco friendly card is the PLA. PLA is a veritable synthetic organic polymer “green environmental protection” product, so the outstanding advantage of PLA plastic is its green environmental protection.

green cards

First, its production of raw materials can be recycled, and the source of raw materials can meet the requirements of sustainable development. PLA to the earth’s inexhaustible crop corn as raw material, fermentation of lactic acid and then the ring dimer through polymerization.

Therefore, the fiber produced by PLA is also known as corn fiber. In fact, all the starchy agricultural products and even ordinary plants are the available raw materials for PLA. Therefore, the advantage of PLA resin can overcome the limitations of oil and be comparable to the recycled raw materials.

Moreover, in terms of raw material selection, it is more popular and easy to obtain than the recycled materials that mainly choose natural wood and natural high purity resources as raw materials.

Second, PLA is non-toxic in the production process, extracting starch from crops, fermentation to further polymerize polylactic acid, all these processing processes can be non-toxic, and the treatment of starch fermentation sewage is not difficult.

Chemical fiber production to melt spinning, PLA melting point is not only lower than polyester nylon, much lower than polypropylene, generally in 170 C, its product comprehensive energy consumption will be the lowest categories of chemical fiber production, reduce the pollution in the spinning, product can be again by soil and Marine metabolism, PLA fiber in the presence of biological enzymes active silt, than in the soil like degradation, not pollute the environment.

In addition, PLA fiber is composed of starch, almost no nitric oxide released during combustion, and will not produce nitrogen and sulfur oxides and other harmful pollutants to the environment, does not damage the air quality, is a complete sense of “environmental protection fiber”.

Third, green products require them by themselves not to cause pollution to the environment. No pollution is the production requirement of green products.

It is difficult to degrade themselves in nature, and their large number of applications is the main reason for the natural ecological problems caused by the large number of accumulation in nature. PLA is a biodegradable polymer, that is, a resin that can be degraded into small molecules in a natural environment.

Its degradation is first degraded by the hydrolysis of the C-0 bond on the backbone bond and then further degraded to C02 and H20 under the action of the enzyme.

Summary and Outlook

Nowadays, the cause of environmental protection has been gradually valued by people, and all countries all over the world are supporting the development and production of environmental protection materials. In many businesses, people will see companies with environmental requirements differently.


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