British retailer Marks & Spencer will ban the use of bright powder for Christmas cards(holiday paper cards), Christmas cannons, wrapping paper and calendars to reduce small plastic particles, Taiwan’s United News Network reported.

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It is reported that the damage of bright powder to Marine life and human health has raised concerns.

Nonprofit 38 Degrees organization launched a petition earlier in 2019, asking Environment Minister Michael Gove to ban bright powder to crack down on washless plastic products. The study attached to the petition showed that fish in the British North Sea.

M & S, meanwhile, used biodegradable bright powder on fresh flowers and potted plants in 2018, and said it would ban bright powder by the end of 2020.

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The Environmental Impact of Holiday Paper Cards

Whether handicraft lovers or makeup masters, shiny bright powder products for them can be said to love and worry about the colorful effect of bright powder, worry is not good to clean up, because when these small bright powder fell into the gap, it is difficult to clean up the clean.

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But in fact, more than that, these seemingly harmless makeup objects or hand-made materials are all made of plastic particles, with potential ecological damage, especially after flowing into the ocean.

In addition to bright powder, scientists are concerned about the impact of other similar materials on the world’s Marine environment, such as soft beads found in cleaners and toothpaste.

According to the National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is estimated that about 90 percent of the plastic in the upper-middle ocean environment is plastic particles. Fortunately, there are some countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States that have banned or partially banned bright powder, but there is still a lot of work to work on.

Whether hand-made materials or bright powder in cosmetics can cause Marine pollution problems, which need to be treated by the same standards as plastic particles.

Water pollution has caused many diseases and deaths in the bodies of animals, and Marine wild animals mistake the small plastic pieces in the water for food and eat them, thus affecting their growth and reproduction.

Not only does this change the ecosystem, but it’s also the plastic particles found in human seafood. A British study found that a third of the fish caught in the UK contained plastic in their bodies.

Use a Unpowder Holiday Paper Card as an Alternative

M & S says all holiday stationery with bright powder has been recycled and made with innovative paper patterns or “minimal” sheets of metal. Most of the company’s boxed cards are also switched from plastic to paper, saving 50 tons of plastic.

Britain has more than one supermarket against bright powder and plastic. Supermarket chain Waitrose promises to ban its own brand cards, wrapping paper, cannons, flowers, and plants from bright powder by 2020, or replace it with environmentally friendly substances.

Tesco offers plastic-free holiday trees, flowers, plants, and its brand Aldi has banned plastic powder from appearing in Halloween products.

The British government attaches great importance to the environmental cause. According to the new British standard introduced by the British Standards Institute (British Standards Institute), plastics must be decomposed into organic matter and carbon dioxide in outdoor air conditions within two years to be classified as biodegradable plastics.

The 90% organic carbon contained in the plastic needs to be converted to CO2 within 730 days to meet the new BSI standard. The criterion was introduced in response to the confusing situation of addressing the meaning of biodegradability.

They also advocate more environmentally friendly paper cards, which sell more and better than plastic cards during festivals.

Summary and Outlook

As a major environmental country in recent years, one third of the urban space in the capital London is dedicated to greening. It is recognized as the world’s first national garden city, with 151 registered parks and gardens, eight royal parks and four UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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In 2018, London topped the Sustainable Cities Index, making it the most sustainable competitive city in the world.

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