As the year comes to an end, merchants are looking for creative ways to promote their businesses and engage customers. One effective method that has gained popularity is the use of gift card scratch-off promotions.

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A scratch card is a card that contains hidden information. The cards are covered with an opaque material that can be scratched off with a coin or scratch tool to reveal hidden codes, rewards or offers. Scratch cards are often used in promotional activities to allow people to have surprise and fun during the scratching process. There is a large amount of data showing that using scratch cards as a promotional method can increase sales by 30% to 70%.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of scratching a gift card to reveal exciting surprises, while also exploring how businesses can leverage this strategy to boost profits. At Newbega, we not only offer excellent freight logistics capabilities for quick delivery but also provide a marketing plan focused on gift card scratch-offs.

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Unveiling the Thrill: How to Scratch a Gift Card

Although the name of scratch card sounds simple, many people are still confused about how to scratch gift card. How to tear it apart? How can I avoid damaging the reward layer inside? Where can I see the prize redemption content? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to scratch a gift card properly to uncover the hidden value and treats:

  1. Hold the Card Securely: Begin by holding the gift card firmly between your fingertips, ensuring a steady grip. This will help you maintain control during the scratching process.
  2. Locate the Scratch-Off Area: Identify the designated scratch-off area on the gift card. This area is usually covered with a thin layer of opaque material.
  3. Use a Coin or a Scratching Tool:Take a coin or a designated scratching tool and gently apply pressure to the scratch-off area. In a back-and-forth motion, slowly scratch off the opaque layer, revealing the hidden code or message.
  4. Reveal the Surprises: As you scratch off the material, the gift card’s hidden value, discounts, or unique codes will be unveiled. Enjoy the excitement as you reveal what’s beneath!Generally speaking, the back of the scratch card will fully tell you how to redeem the coupons!

Leveraging Scratch Cards for Promotions and Profits

With the coming of Christmas, The end of the year presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to utilize scratch cards as a marketing tool. Here’s how merchants can take advantage of this strategy to boost their profits:

scratch card

  1. Customer Engagement: Implement scratch card promotions to captivate customers’ attention. By offering discounts, free gifts, or exclusive offers, you create a sense of excitement and encourage customers to participate in the promotion.
  2. Brand Awareness: Custom-designed gift cards with appealing visuals and your company logo help increase brand recognition. Through scratch-off promotions, you can enhance your business’s visibility and attract new customers.
  3. Increased Sales and Repeat Business: Gift card scratch-offs not only attract new customers but also prompt repeat business. Encourage customers to revisit your store or website by offering enticing rewards or exclusive discounts on future purchases.

Newbega: Your Scratching Success Partner

At Newbega, we understand the importance of a seamless gift card scratch-off experience for both businesses and customers. With our reliable freight logistics capabilities, we ensure timely delivery for your promotions. Moreover, our experienced team can assist you in developing a successful gift card scratch-off marketing plan tailored to your business requirements.

how to scratch gift card

Maximize your promotional efforts and let Newbega handle the logistics, ensuring your gift card scratch-offs reach customers promptly, generating excitement and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Cooperate with us and we will provide you with solutions to the greatest extent possible, cooperate with your work, analyze your local market environment, and allow you to earn more repeat customers! You can refer to this link for details to choose the scratch card marketing plan that best suits you.


Scratching a gift card is not only an enjoyable experience but also an effective promotional tool for businesses. By following our step-by-step guide, customers can easily reveal exciting surprises hidden beneath the scratch-off area.

Furthermore, taking advantage of scratch card promotions can lead to increased profitability and customer engagement for merchants. With Newbega’s freight logistics capabilities and tailored marketing plans, businesses can achieve their desired results efficiently. Embrace the thrill of gift card scratch-offs, engage your customers, and unlock the potential for business success!

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