Recently, Perfect ID, a world-renowned radio frequency identification (RFID) company (which specializes in the production and sales of RFID tags), said it has released a high-memory toll lane tag (Prime), which is more sensitive than ordinary large-memory tags.

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It is reported that the Prime electronic toll tag integrates Impinj’s M781 tag chip, which can accurately and quickly capture vehicle data when the tag is applied to the vehicle’s windshield or headlights. The tag is currently being used with FASTag, India’s national electronic toll collection system, and has been certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) as compatible with the 6C UHF RFID toll collection system. Meanwhile, a number of banks in India have also purchased about 50 million tags produced by Perfect ID, which will be provided to customers as FASTag payment tags.

Perfect ID CEO Sakun Ahuja said the company is marketing its tags to other billing agencies as well as private companies that need efficient and accurate high-memory tags. These tags can be used in automatic vehicle identification (AVI) applications such as electronic toll collection, electronic vehicle registration and pricing of vehicles on congested roads. Later, the AVI tag will be used in India as well as the US and Middle East.

Ahuja added that there has been a long-term problem that has plagued the toll collection industry around the world for many years, that is, when the vehicle passes through the parking toll reader or the road toll reader, the 6C UHF RFID vehicle tag cannot be read correctly. taken, which will lead to a high proportion of data errors.

In addition, the toll company requires that the tag can store the electronic product code and terminal identification number, as well as up to 512 bits of information about the vehicle to which the tag is attached, and write it into the user’s memory.

Given these requirements, few tags offer both high memory and reliable, fast readability. Therefore, Perfect ID Company has developed this kind of label to solve the problem by utilizing the characteristics of Impinj Company’s integrated circuit.

Joe Hoerl, principal consultant at Perfect ID, said the new tags feature data error detection to ensure reliable transmission. He said that the detection function not only helps to identify some errors, but also improves the efficiency of identification, reduces the operating costs of toll operators, and maintains good customer relationships. Toll booth solutions for millions of commuters.

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Toll Booth Solutions for Millions of Commuters

The rugged tags can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions, including extreme sunlight exposure and wide temperature ranges, and the company also claims that each tag undergoes 19 different tests throughout the manufacturing process. The FASTag program, first implemented in 2016, requires all vehicles passing designated highways to pay tolls via RFID tags, otherwise they will be charged double the toll.

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Perfect ID has been supplying UHF RFID-based vehicle identification tags for several years, and the company has sold more than 50 million tags to toll companies to date. If car owners want to use it, they must purchase RFID tags through a local bank. When the bank accepts the label order, it will collect the customer’s vehicle information, and purchase the corresponding label from the manufacturer to store this information, which is also stored in the back-end software, and establish a prepaid account for the customer. Funds are deducted from this account when they tag.

An unnamed bank spokesperson said: HDFC Bank, as the largest private banking financial institution participating in the project, has been using Perfect ID Approved by ARAI and NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) since 2019. Manufactured FASTag products, so far we have not encountered any errors or issues with their labels, it has been a satisfying cooperation.

Whenever a vehicle arrives at a toll booth with an RFID reader, its tag is read. Once workers simply write the vehicle’s information into the tag, someone with an RFID reader, such as a security officer equipped with a handheld device, can view that data and confirm the vehicle’s identity, or see if it doesn’t match the vehicle ahead, Funds are then debited from the user’s account, and this information is available whether or not they have access to the backend server. The user can recharge the account according to the method required by the bank.

Expend the Operations in the Impinj RFID Market

Expand Global Business Perfect ID was established in 2015 to provide professional RFID tags to Indian customers. It is reported that the company uses ICs from third-party suppliers to produce its own products, including tags and antennas, and is one of the first suppliers in India to provide such technologies in batches.


Ahuja said, “We have flip-chip bonding capabilities and can manufacture complete products from integrated circuits to inlays, including conversion and personalized finished labels.” Ahuja recalls that the company initially only focused on the Indian market. At that time, India had no People produce RFID tags, and Perfect ID has obtained corresponding profits by providing a service for India to quickly produce and encode tags according to customer orders.

Subsequently, the company began to provide its own tags to the FASTag project. In 2021, it joined Sima SGS, which provides industrial solutions including RFID tags and inlays. Today, these companies have completed integration, mainly providing low frequency, high frequency and UHF RFID industrial labels.

Summary and Outlook

Perfect ID stated that it intends to expand the scope of its products to serve customers in North and South American countries and Europe, and will consider new manufacturing bases in Europe and the United States in the future.

Ahuja added that the company already has sales and customer service organizations in the Americas and Europe, and hopes to have a localized effect in order to provide fast production and delivery services to global customers. When it comes to charging solutions, Ahuja said organizations like the FASTag project have been asking for higher-memory, high-integrity tags, and now charging companies are getting better performance.

This is thanks to the capabilities of the M781 tag chip, he added. Impinj designed chips capable of higher memory, greater read range and read sensitivity for challenging read environments. This is a huge leap forward in performance and customer satisfaction.

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