Recently, ivendPay, the world’s first company to introduce NFC technology into cryptocurrency payments, proudly launched the world’s first cryptocurrency payment technology through near field communication (NFC). This development is unique in the cryptocurrency space and opens up new possibilities for merchants and customers around the world.


Now, the payment process is almost the same as using a card. Payments can be made directly from the user’s crypto wallet by simply tapping their phone using NFC technology.

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Forget Cards - We're Disrupting the Payments Scene!

The technology is able to be seamlessly integrated into various payment ecosystems, including POS terminals, merchant mobile apps and vending networks, ensuring the convenience and security of cryptocurrency transactions in retail environments.

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Cooperation with Industry Giants: ivendPay and Binance After showcasing NFC Crypto technology at international events WOW Summit 2023 and GITEX in Dubai, ivendPay has attracted the attention of key players in the cryptocurrency industry.

Proof of the success of this innovation is the partnership with Binance, with ivendPay becoming the global payment gateway for Binance payment services. This collaboration underlines the trust and recognition that ivendPay has earned on the international stage for providing contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payments.

Expanding Global Business: IvendPay’s path to Dominance in Europe and the Middle East and North Africa

With its patented payment solutions, IvendPay not only ensures transaction reliability but also actively expands its global presence. The company already has approximately 400 active merchants in seven countries and is preparing to further penetrate Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

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IvendPay’s rapid growth and sustainable development provide ample opportunities for investors eager to participate in cutting-edge financial technology.

Why People will Use Cryptocurrencies in the Future: History and Convenience

In the past, cryptocurrency payments were primarily made through QR codes, requiring additional time and steps from users. However, thanks to ivendPay, the payment process is now as easy and fast as traditional card payments. By combining NFC technology with cryptocurrency payments, the adoption of cryptocurrencies in our daily lives will be accelerated, making them a natural part of modern financial operations. Here are four reasons why we use this technology:

Security: Cryptocurrency transactions are difficult to decrypt. According to the report, blockchain technology offers a level of security that exceeds many current banking standards.

No commissions: Unlike traditional payment systems, cryptocurrency payments typically come without fees. Analytical data shows that users can save up to 3% when paying with cryptocurrencies compared to standard payment systems.

Universality: Payments can be made on any device. There are already over a million merchants offering cryptocurrency payment options, and this number is still growing.

Independent from regulators: A user’s cryptocurrency belongs entirely to the user, without interference from banks or governments. More than 80% of users surveyed cited independence as the main advantage of cryptocurrencies.

Global: Cryptocurrencies can be sent anywhere and at any time without being restricted to a specific country. According to research, more than 30 countries already accept cryptocurrency payments, making it a truly global payment method.


NFC cryptocurrency payment technology allows NFC to develop in more environments, which indicates that NFC will have more use environments, which will have great profit potential in the future.

If you are a buyer who wants to develop in the NFC field, you can get in touch with us. We are always paying attention to news related to NFC. You can follow our website to learn about NFC-related news and consultations. We are a company with 20 years of experience in NFC product production, and we welcome you to do business with us with sincere enthusiasm.

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