A couple in the United States have designed a ring with an RFID chip embedded in a Tesla Model 3 key fob that can open the car’s door. Although people think that making a wearable “ring key” may be complicated, the owner said that it is actually quite simple.

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The primary key to get into a Tesla Model 3 is actually the owner’s smartphone, and the key fob is a handy backup if the owner has trouble using the mobile device, such as when it doesn’t work or if the battery dies. However, the owner’s latest invention has made it even easier to open the car.

Tesla Model 3 owners dissolved part of the key fob in acetone to separate the copper antenna of the RFID chip. The copper antenna is then wound onto a ring mold and mixed with resin. The Tesla owner’s design of the ring key was inspired by the previously reported Tesla Model 3 owner and biohacker Amie DD who implanted a key fob chip in his arm.

Connecting vehicles with smartphone apps is nothing new. For example, Audi also has an e-tron app that helps car owners manage different functions of the car; BMW has an iRemote app that allows owners of i3 and i8 models to view vehicle charging information, battery power, and the car’s cruising range. And, Ford’s latest all-electric Mustang Mach-E model is also equipped with Phone-as-a-Key technology.

Tesla, on the other hand, equips the Model 3 with two types of keys that can be used by the owner to enter and start the car, and can also be provided to others, such as valets who need temporary access to the vehicle. Tesla’s key card needs to tap the pillar on the right side of the driver’s window to open the door, and then tap the key card behind the cup holder to start the car.

Another type of key is the Model 3 Key Fob, which looks like a miniature Model 3. If set up correctly, the key enables the owner to passively enter the car, similar to a normal car key, requiring only one press to lock the door and two presses to open the door.

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What is a Key Card?

A key card is a smart card used for authentication and access control. It usually has the shape and size of a credit card, with chips and encryption algorithms embedded inside to store and process information related to secure access.

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The main function of the Key card is to serve as an access credential for the electronic door lock system. It can replace traditional physical keys, verify the legitimacy of a card by holding it close to or inserting it into a reader, and grant or deny access to specific areas or devices.

What Benefits can Key Card Bring us?

Key cards are usually paired with specific security systems or devices, such as hotel room door lock systems, enterprise office area access control systems, parking lot gate control systems, and so on. It is widely used in places and equipment that require safety and control.

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The benefits of using a Key card include:

High security: Key card adopts a secure encryption algorithm and authentication mechanism, which provides high security and is more difficult to be copied or cracked than traditional physical keys.

Flexibility and Convenience: Key card is easy and flexible to use, you don’t need to carry a lot of physical keys, you only need to carry a card. Plus, access to specific cards can be easily granted or revoked as needed.

Access log recording: Key card systems usually have the function of recording user access logs, which can track and monitor access records of specific areas or devices, improving the effect of security management.

In a word, Key card is a kind of smart card used for authentication and access control, which has the advantages of high security, flexibility and convenience. It is widely used in various places and equipment that require security control.


To sum up, Key card as a smart card for authentication and access control provides high security, flexibility and convenience. The Key card can be used in place of a traditional physical key by pairing with a card reader to verify identity and grant or deny access to specific areas or devices. The Key card is convenient and flexible to use, reducing the burden of carrying multiple physical keys, while its high security and access logging functions also increase the effect of security management.

Key cards are widely used in hotels, office areas, parking lots and other places and equipment that require security and control. Therefore, Key card is a reliable technology that is widely adopted for security and convenience.

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