Key chains is a very common item in our life, it can be used for decoration or access control card. The latter only needs to be equipped with a chip to have the function of an electronic key. However, human thinking and creativity are unlimited. In 2019, Canon launched a portable camera Ivy Rec. It is not only a small and cute decoration, but also has a shooting function.

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From the appearance, Ivy Rec’s long strip design and colorful shell make people feel like a large chewing gum. Its body design is small and portable, weighing only 86g, which is lighter than GoPro, but more importantly. , it can be hung on clothes or backpacks at any time like a key chains.

As a portable camera, Canon Ivy Rec provides a 13-megapixel 1/3-inch lens sensor that can shoot up to 1080p/60fps video content, each recording lasts 10 minutes, and through the scroll wheel on the back of the fuselage, you can easily It is convenient to switch between different working modes.

In terms of taking pictures, Ivy Rec can take 4:3 or 1:1 photos. The interesting thing is that although there is no viewfinder, you can view the view through the key chains box on the side, and if you have more needs, it can also Connect through the mobile app to take pictures.

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Small Camera that Looks like a Key Chains

At the same time, Canon Ivy Rec also supports IP67 level waterproof, which can last for 30 minutes under 1 meter deep water, and supports shockproof, even if you accidentally fall to the ground, you don’t have to worry about it. These two points are not available for ordinary cameras.

But the body has no display screen, no viewfinder, only a square lens and function key buttons. So this camera seems to only be able to shoot blind.

In fact, this also hides Canon’s design ingenuity. The hollow frame on the left side of the camera is actually not as simple as a hanging buckle, but also a viewing window for you to quickly compose pictures—as if you can hear the voices of young people “wow”.

Canon Ivy Rec is not a powerful outdoor camera. On the one hand, it is different from professional sports cameras like GoPro. It does not have anti-shake shooting capabilities. On the other hand, it is not equipped with a flash. It may not be ideal in poor light conditions. But this product is obviously more inclined to children and teenagers, and it is also suitable for parents to buy for children.

Its functions are not as powerful as mobile phones, but if you don’t want children to be addicted to mobile phones, such a product may be another way of thinking. It gives It feels like an entry-level product for action cameras.

Various Combinations of Key Fob

At the beginning of 2023, Louis Vuitton has integrated the Chinese New Year zodiac animal images and brand iconic elements, drawing inspiration from the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit, and launching zodiac elements, including fashion jewelry, accessories series, toys, etc. Congratulations on the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit. Celebrate the Lunar Year of the Rabbit with elements of love.


In the fashion jewelry series, the LV Bunny necklace welcomes the Lunar Year of the Rabbit with the image of a cute bunny. A metal bunny embraces a pocket Dauphine bag, suspended below the LV Circle logo. Realistic fur textures and Monogram patterns witness superb detail. The LV Bunny bracelet is also embellished with the image of a rabbit carrying a handbag, hanging from the Monogram canvas ribbon with the LV letters. LV Circle logo embellishes the ends of the adjustment chain.

In addition, the key chain with the image of a cute rabbit is also an interesting choice for people of all ages during the gifting season. The Lunar New Year zodiac rabbit pokes its head out of a mini Boîte Chapeau handbag and tells a witty joke about the LV Precious Rabbit key fob

A lifelike rabbit with stud eyes, Louis Vuitton logo, hooks and loops, perfect for everyday use and collection. The rabbit image charm on the LV Bunny key chains has a Monogram embossed tattoo body, Monogram floral cheeks and Essential V nose, with a fluffy mink fur tail and dazzling metal parts, showing infinite interest in retrospect.

Summary and Outlook

Nowadays, people’s ideas and thoughts are becoming more and more diverse, coupled with the development of science and technology, many products with a single function in the past have been endowed with more value.

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