Delhi Metro will soon launch an app that allows commuters to order a variety of items and book a range of services. They include, but are not limited to, subway metro smart card recharge, item purchases, and quick payment.

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The app, Momentum2.0, will benefit its users through a Delhi metro smart card, which offers smart payment options, according to officials quoted by news agency PTI.

With Momentum2.0, commuters have immediate and direct access to customized services, such as last-mile connectivity options, broader e-shopping options, and digital lockers for fast and secure payments.

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Instant Metro Smart Card Recharge

With the app, commuters can instantly recharge their metro smart cards from anywhere. The app has a built-in automatic recharge function of metro smart cards. Not only that, but the app also promotes smart payments. By setting automatic commands, you can easily complete common payments such as insurance, electricity, gas or FASTag recharge.

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For information about subway stations and elevators, the app users can also get these messages through Momentum2.0, such as gates, elevators, escalators, the location and conditions of platforms, train hours, bus occupancy, and space availability.

In addition, it will provide real-time information about the arrival time of the trains. It depends on the operational feasibility, the platform location and the exits. The app will also provide information on the stores, kiosks and ATMs available within the station.

Use This Program For Online Shopping

In a statement, the carrier noted that ” the app includes features for e-shopping options and has a variety of items to choose from. This innovative ‘brick-and-and-click’ store experience will give users the convenience of buying groceries and other necessities at the subway station.

The statement added that travelers can use QR codes to purchase in the app, and that selected companies will use expansion tools to display their goods and services.

Metro Smart Card Encounter Free Recharge Crisis

However, these metro smart cards are easy to exploit and allow anyone to travel effectively for free. Security researcher Nikhil Kumar Singh has discovered a vulnerability affecting the Delhi Metro’s metro smart card system. The researchers said the vulnerability exploited the recharge process, allowing anyone to recharge a metro smart card for a subway train with an unlimited amount or number of times.

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Singh said the error existed because the subway recharge system did not properly verify payments when passengers used their subway station storage check-in to recharge their subway metro smart cards. The lack of checks means that even if the store shows a failure, the metro smart card will be fooled that it has recharged. In this case, the payment was marked as pending and subsequently returned, enabling the person to effectively ride the subway free of charge.

“I tried it on the Delhi Metro system and was able to get a free charge,” Singh said.”I still need to start the recharge by using the PhonePe or Paytm payment, but it will get returned after 30 days because the recharge is still not complete. That’s why it’s technically free, ” he said.

This unfixed problem exists in the metro smart card itself. Delhi Metro relies on MiFare DESFire EV1 metro smart cards made by Dutch chipmaker NXP Semiconductor (NXP). Other subway systems besides the capital, including Bangalore, use the same metro smart card system. If the technical infrastructure of subway trains in other states is the same, then that mistake works there, too.

This isn’t the first time security researchers have found a problem with the same brand. Past studies have found similar vulnerabilities affecting the same DESFire EV1 metro smart cards used by the Delhi Metro, as well as other European mass transportation systems. In 2020, MiFare introduced DESFire EV3 as its contactless solution with better security.


After Delhi Metro the large flow of money always allows criminals to seize the loophole, Delhi Metro officials also responded to a template email and offered to solve the problem. Among them, the metro smart card itself vulnerability is the key to the problem.

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