The surge in the number of global regional conferences, exhibitions and events arranged by various countries after the pandemic, and the lack of event ticket supply is another major factor driving the expansion of industry players.

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The miss World event in the UAE is in full swing, which is expected to bring huge business opportunities to several industries and service sectors in the UAE.

The announcement of the UAE of this year’s Miss World pageant also caused a stir in the —— Pcard, as the most representative company, is actively expanding the market and innovating new product lineup.

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What is The Event Ticket?

Event ticket, which can also be called the ticket, refers to the license of a location or event; which means that you have gained the admission to an activity or a place. For example, the event tickets, match tickets, sports tickets.

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As an environmentally friendly option, paper ticket cards are very popular with many organizors. Futhermore, they get both durable and good-looking via the paper card printing method. Sometimes you may get in trouble thinking of unique card designs, we guess. Have a relax, now you have a assistant because we’ve got you covered! We have some wonderful templates for your to choose, if you would love to.

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Event ticket、NFC Technology and Miss World Pageant

Pcard, a Bahrain-based sophisticated NFC technology company, said it is currently completing an aggressive deal expansion plan into the UAE and other GCC countries to take advantage of emerging opportunities in different sectors.

Pcard’s founder and CEO, told Arab Business, ” We will also soon announce the’ Smart Event ticket ‘and’ Smart wristband ‘, two innovative products that will provide a more seamless and organized experience for events, exhibitions and trade shows.”

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Industry observers say the company’s move for two new products for the event industry is clearly focused on an upcoming major beauty pageant in the UAE.

However, Birch said: ” Our goal is to provide event companies and organizers with a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of their operations and communication.”

Pcard founder said: ” Our innovative solutions will revolutionize the way enterprise networks and connect with customers.”

Faisal said the company will soon expand its product line into more industries, including education, fitness and health care.

Other leading players in the NFC space, such as the 360 Smart Card, Ecotap, Kartee and Mexico Base deals, are also said to be watching major operations and product expansion in the region.

NFC is a short-range wireless connection technology that allows NFC-enabled devices to communicate with each other.Products in the field allow sharing small valid data between NFC tags and android devices, or between two android devices.Worldwide, the NFC market is expected to expand to $17 billion by 2025.

Birch said it already serves customers in the GCC area through its e-commerce stores, and the new plan is to build operations centers in a growing number of markets in the region.

“Our target markets are mainly in the GCC and the Middle East and North Africa, and the key potential customers will be companies and government entities. So far, our corporate and government clients are in Bahrain and we want to expand to other GCC markets.”

He also revealed that the company has arranged more than 60 deals to be signed up.Birch said: ” I cannot disclose the details of these transactions because of the confidentiality policies.”

The Pcard founder also said the company is looking for financing opportunities to scale up and achieve faster growth.

The partnership agreement is another way the company hopes to accelerate its expansion in the UAE and other GCC markets.


The past of the pandemic has made people expecting a new life and becoming more willing to participate in major events, which has brought huge business opportunities to the exhibition or performance industry.

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