In the digital era, leveraging technology to improve efficiency in studying, fitness, and daily tasks has become a prominent focus. NFC bookmarks, as an innovative tool, combine time tracking for studying, fitness check-ins, and logging daily courses, offering a convenient and streamlined experience.

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All over the world, some craftsmen use NFC tags to make DIY NFC bookmarks that can be used to clock in and record time. Its principle is the same as that of the previous NFC music wall. To achieve the effect of “signing in”, the combination of some small NFC stickers and various stationery can achieve such a wonderful effect! This article will introduce you to NFC bookmarks and the functions it can achieve.

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What are NFC Bookmarks?

NFC bookmarks are small electronic devices that utilize Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Resembling traditional bookmarks, they wirelessly communicate with smartphones or other NFC-enabled devices, enabling data interchange. By simply tapping an NFC bookmark against a device, users can effortlessly record studying, fitness activities, and daily course information, achieving smart time management and data tracking.

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Studying Time Tracking

Studying time tracking is a pivotal feature of NFC bookmarks. By programming an NFC bookmark, it can be associated with specific study tasks. Whenever users commence studying, they can tap their device against the NFC bookmark to automatically record the start time. When finished, another tap against the NFC bookmark records the study end time. This seamless process allows for easy tracking and management of study time, aiding in monitoring progress and enhancing efficiency.

Logging Daily Courses

In addition to studying and fitness, NFC bookmarks can be utilized for logging daily courses. Whether attending online classes, music lessons, language courses, or any other type of classes, users can associate the respective NFC bookmark with the course. A quick tap on the bookmark at the beginning and end of each session records the start and end times. This simple action aids in managing course progress, improving study efficiency, and provides an easy way to track one’s learning journey.

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