From September 23 to October 8, 2023, the 19th Asian Game will be held in Hangzhou, China. This sports event that has attracted people all over Asia has attracted more than 20 million tourists to watch the games. So far, it has been born With 432 gold medals, more than 4.4 billion in sponsorships, 1,100 licensed products, and more spectators than ever before, the Hangzhou Asian Games set these three records.

the 19th Asian Game

Among them, there is an eye-catching technological product that has attracted much attention – NFC bracelet. Although electronic tickets were dominated during the Asian Games, NFC Bracelets still play a key role in sports. We can see it on the wrists of athletes, spectators and even on-site staff.

NFC bracelets have played a key role in many places and are worthy of attention and purchase by practitioners in sports-related industries. This article will introduce in detail the usage environment of NFC Bracelets and how to purchase suitable NFC Bracelets.

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NFC Technology Takes a Leap Forward

An NFC bracelet is an intelligent wristband that utilizes near-field communication (NFC) technology. With the latest advancements in NFC technology, these bracelets offer more stable and faster data transmission capabilities. This means that crucial data in sports events can be transmitted almost in real-time to coaches and audiences, enhancing the viewing experience and sense of involvement.

Real-Time Data Monitoring and Analysis

Equipped with built-in sensors, NFC bracelets continuously monitor athletes’ heart rates, steps, calories burned, and various body metrics. In major sporting events like the Hangzhou Asian Games, this data is vital for both coaching staff and athletes themselves. It not only helps coaches analyze and fine-tune athletes’ performance but also enables early detection of potential health issues, ensuring athletes’ safety and well-being.

NFC Bracelets

Security and Identity Recognition

NFC bracelets can be integrated into identity recognition and ticketing systems, providing security and convenience in large-scale sports events. By wearing the bracelet, athletes can gain access to sports venues and designated areas through identity verification systems, boosting the overall efficiency of the sports event management. Furthermore, NFC bracelets can also be used for electronic ticket validation, offering athletes and spectators a seamless entry experience.

Creating an Interactive and Engaging Atmosphere

The technological features of NFC bracelets make them a powerful tool for increasing interactivity in major sports events. Audience members can engage in voting, collect rewards, access event information, and have real-time interactions with fellow spectators through the bracelet. This type of interaction not only heightens audience participation and enhances their experience but also provides additional marketing opportunities for sponsors and event organizers.


As sports events continue to evolve and technology advances, NFC bracelets are playing an increasingly vital role in sports projects. With their advantages in real-time data monitoring, secure identity recognition, and interactivity, NFC bracelets provide athletes, coaches, and spectators with a whole new level of experience. If you are a professional in the sports industry, whether a coach, organizer, or spectator, purchasing an NFC bracelet is a fantastic choice to enhance and elevate your sports journey. Don’t hesitate – get yourself an NFC bracelet now and make your sports experience even more thrilling!

the 19th Asian Games

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