Recognition technology, which only appeared in science fiction for decades ago, is now commonplace by implanting NFC chips. In modern life, face brushing, fingerprint unlocking, and iris recognition are as common as swiping a card. And chip identification we should be very familiar with, in a variety of documents, passport will see their figure. Not only that, the application of NFC chips implanted in animals has matured for many years.

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But if one day your boss suddenly asks you to implant a chip to “punch in,” would you agree? Amal Graafstra Is a technology entrepreneur in the United States, he hates the keys and opening the door, so he implanted the RFID chip in his hands, with a card reader, he can easily access his home and office. Doesn’ t that sound cool? Is it the trend of the future to become a cyborg? Let’s explore it together!

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What is Life like after NFC Chip Implant?

Every time when Amal Graafstra enters his office, logs into his computer, or enters the house, he doesn’t have to go around for his keys, find an electronic card, or even enter a password. He just takes a wave to get in, that’s because the Amal Graafstra has a NFC chip implant.

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A slender electronic device was implanted in the palm of his hand, about a centimeter long. The device relies on near-field communication (NFC), identifying the connected door or other devices. You need to keep a distance of several centimeters from the target for the device to work properly.

What is an NFC Chip? What will It Look like in the Future?

NFC is the short version for near-field communication. It is also known as the close-range wireless communication and it allows 2 electronic devices to to communicate at a distance of a few centimeters. Generally, NFC chips are the chips to which are applied the NFC tech and they are usually used in contactless payment systems, just like credit cards and smart tickets.nfc chip

Not only does it have a payment function, it is also used in social networks to share contact information, photos, videos and files. Devices with NFC function can also be used as electronic ID cards. NFC not only provides simple low-speed connections, but also be used to guide more powerful wireless connections.

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Graafstra believe that in the future, more and more people will choose the NFC chip implant in the body——like the cyberpunk world. Whether ordinary employees or important government officials, planting their chips may be the choice of the next generation in terms of corporate security. Compared with biological information like passwords, ID cards or even facial recognition, the chip is very unlikely to be hacked, and there is no “resistance.”

Security can also be guaranteed, the chip is wrapped in a biocompatible sterile glass cylinder. When the chip is implanted, employees don’t have to use badges, passwords, or keys, they don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing them, and companies don’t have to spend too much effort and time managing these credentials.

The Dilemma of Human Body Chip Implantation

Not everyone is optimistic about the trend of human NFC chip implant. Jamie Winterton, from the Global Security Program, said, “How do devices access the network beyond privacy issues? Is the data encrypted? The amount of how much private information is stored on such devices is uncertain, which will cause a great deal of controversy.”

And employees are concerned about whether employers will follow them during their breaks. Jamie Winterton said, “I hope the data the device collects will include only the identification of an employee, not something else like a GPS.” Andrew Challenger, the vice president of Gray & Christmas, says that when everyone has smartphones today, it is less important to have chips in their bodies. That is “carry coals to Newcastle” 

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Although NFC technology is relatively mature, it can be seen in many electronic products. But in the human body implant technology still needs to be explored. Newbega company has a significant advantage in NFC technology, we have 20 years of industry experience. The company’s integrity, strength and product quality has been unanimously recognized in the industry. If you have this need, please free to reach out us.

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