Unlocking the vehicle is the most basic function of the car, but the traditional way of opening the car key has many inconveniences. I am in a hurry to go to work, but I can’t find the key; my family is in a hurry to use the car, but the key was taken with me on a business trip; I am carrying large and small bags with both hands, and I can’t free my hand to open the door with the key.

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With the development of automobile intelligence, NFC, UWB, and other car digital keys using mobile phones as carriers, this kind of smart entry is replacing traditional car keys, making the inconvenience of using traditional keys a thing of the past. You can easily unlock the vehicle with a mobile phone, making the user experience more convenient.

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BYD Launches NFC Digital Key Function

BYD has a profound insight into users’ needs for car keys and takes the lead in launching the research and development of intelligent car entry. In 2011, BYD launched the cloud key, which enables remote unlocking of vehicles.

It can also authorize car keys to family members thousands of miles away. In 2014, BYD was the first in the world to launch a mobile phone Bluetooth key, enabling close-range use and a method of unlocking that does not rely on the network. In 2017, BYD launched the car NFC digital key function, which has become one of the most needed and favorite configurations for users.

Mobile phones are the most convenient carriers for car digital keys. Modern people never leave their mobile phones and carry them with them when they go out. Integrating traditional keys into a mobile phone can fundamentally reduce user operations and directly improve the user experience. Even when the phone is out of network and battery, the NFC digital key function will not be affected.

All BYD Models on Sale come Standard with NFC Digital Keys

Even with the accelerated development of automobile intelligence, there are still not many brands that can support the NFC digital key function of mobile phones. However, BYD always puts user experience first and has taken the lead in implementing NFC digital keys as standard for all models on sale.

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Even entry-level models such as the Dolphin and Seagull support this convenient smart entry function. With this alone, BYD once again leads the industry, allowing all BYD users to enjoy the convenient experience of easily unlocking their vehicles with a mobile phone.

BYD’s NFC digital key function is compatible with all mainstream mobile phone brands, including Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, Honor, and other brands, and can cover about 95% of mobile phone models on the market.

At the same time, BYD is the first in the world to pass It has obtained Apple CarKey MFI certification and has become the first Chinese car brand to be compatible with both Android and Apple systems, allowing the convenience of smart entry to benefit every car owner.

Release of UWB Digital Key: BYD Achieves Completely Hands-free Smart Entry

In April 2022, BYD launched a car brand with UWB digital keys. This function enables a smart entry experience that completely frees the user’s hands. The user carries a mobile phone equipped with a UWB digital key and can automatically unlock the door when approaching the vehicle.

Without taking out their mobile phones, car owners can elegantly get into the car, close the door, start the car, and complete the unlocking operation even in a network-free environment.

At present, the UWB digital key has been installed on Han EV Qianshancui, Tang DM-p Ares Edition, Denza N7, Yangwang U8, and other models. In the future, it will be installed on Hiace 07, Leopard 5, and other models, allowing more car owners to enjoy a convenient and hassle-free smart entry experience.

Leading the Iteration of Intelligent Entry, BYD has Always Remained a Leader in the Field of Intelligence

The development process of digital keys reflects BYD’s deep strength in the field of intelligence and its user-first mission. BYD has self-developed a complete set of digital key systems, leading the continuous iteration of automobile intelligence and completely overturning the shortcomings and weaknesses of traditional keys.


In addition, BYD has also broken down the barriers between different terminals and operating systems, joined forces with mainstream mobile phone brands to jointly promote the formulation of industry standards, and established a full-scenario digital key ecosystem to provide users with multiple choices and convenient and intuitive smart entry to bring a 1+1>2 fusion experience.

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