In China, NFC music cards are quietly becoming popular. With this card, people can play the music directly in the form of “card”, and this ritual operation is loved by young people. It is based on a 2017 card board game, Dropmix, which can combine with your rivals to create more novel musical beats.


Dropmix It does not seem to be much different from other board games, a special game board and a pair of cards. But the plate is not just a plastic board decorated with beautiful images. It can link to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and read the NFC chip in each card. Of course, each card represents a different song information, such as Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”, etc.

On the gameplay, players take turns placing cards on boards and matching them with colors. Each card can only play part of the song, such as Ed Sheeran’s “Sing” plays only vocals, while Meghan Trainor’s “All About the Bass” focuses on the background rhythm. With the points displayed on the smart device, the first card user will lose the game.

This novel gameplay has made it widely praised since its launch, and NFC music cards appear in all kinds of toys. In Japan’s Kamen Rider series of toys, using NFC cards as the start button often gives players a better experience.

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What is the NFC Music Card

NFC music card Is a card born based on near-field communication (NFC) technology, which enables devices to communicate with each other without using the Internet, first identifying nearby devices equipped with NFC.


NFC is often used in smartphones and tablets. It is improved by radio frequency identification (RFID). With radio waves, the NFC can be used to transmit data between devices a few centimeters apart from each other. It runs without the Internet, eliminating potential sources of interference.

NFC music cards usually contain an NFC chip or a sticker that allows a smartphone or a special card reader to read its messages and play music.

Also, due to its characteristics. Users can modify the information by themselves, some DIY manual artists will make some NFC music cards, change the music link inside, this only needs to change a card cover can do, very interesting!

NFC Music Cards and Community Musician

In the United States, the NFC music card already has a relatively broad market.

community musician

Community Musician’s Collectible Music Cards will also enable musicians to sell records and related artwork and other merchandise materials directly to fans at live performances and other events, without having to release a traditional CD or vinyl record.

“The card enables fans to appreciate and display the band’s collectibles and enjoy the convenience of “tap to play” on their phones. Tap tapping on the phone also adds songs to the “private” library of the community musician app so fans don’t have to carry cards to listen to songs they don’t want to hear, ” the community musician explains.

“It’s important that fans know they are supporting the artists they love, and because the deal is done outside the app store, they made most of the profits, which is positive for both musicians and fans.”

Community Musician plans to launch these cards “in the grassroots” on wireless speakers and smartphones by offering independent artists and cards sold directly to their fans to increase support for click play before “expanding with speakers to record stores.”

“One thing we all lost as fans is to be able to share, trade and sell music face to face as we did at the heyday of LP and CD. With our technology, we have all the convenience of —— face-to-face sharing and a million songs in our pocket, ” said Community Musician CEO Scott Arey.

“The best thing is that when you use our card to buy music, you are actually handing over the cash to local artists who desperately need your support. This is a revolution to come, because new music has to survive.”

Summary and Outlook

The popularity of NFC music cards is partly proof of the diversity of young people’s hobbies and the need for new things in the music market.

dropmix music

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