November 11 is poppy Day, also called Armistice Day. It is a very important moment for the Royal British Legion. Usually at this time, the Royal Legion will sell handmade poppies to raise money for veterans. Giving in for more than £1 gives you a wearable handmade poppy.

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The Royal Veterans Association is a charity dedicated to helping veterans, launching QR codes and NFC payment donations in local bars, combining bar Pub Quiz games for players to donate.(Pub Quiz: British traditional feature game, participants answer the knowledge questions on the spot.)

In 2018, the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. Charity works with payment agency Thyngs to use six cards in the Pub Quiz game, allowing players to donate by scanning a QR code or making NFC payments.

Participants can see real-time donation data or share Pub Quiz selfies with clown hats and be paid directly to the Royal Army through all donations from these cards, reducing management costs.

The Royal British Legion Simon O’Leary said: ” We are experimenting with new ways of fundraising to open cashless access to fundraisers and make donations easier and easier.”

“Thyngs has created a new way for us to receive public donations, providing us with a reliable fundraising mechanism that seamlessly connects with Pub Quiz.”

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What is NFC Payment?

NFC payment refers to the instant payment use of NFC technology (Near Field Communication) through mobile phones and other handheld devices when consumers buy goods or services. It is a new mobile payment method. Payment are processed on site and offline, not using a mobile network, but using NFC RF channels for local communication with devices such as POS registers or vending machines.

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NFC close range wireless communication is the mainstream technology of near field payment. It is a short-distance high frequency wireless communication technology that allows contactless point-to-point data transmission and exchange data between electronic devices. This technology evolved from RFID RFID and is compatible with RFID technology.

Non-payment fundraising method has a precedent in western countries. In 2013, the British poppy donation began to pay with NFC. In 2016, a Dutch advertising agency designed a jacket with an NFC non-payment terminal to raise money for Blue Cross charity through non-payment POS machines on their pets.

In August 2018, the University of Oxford developed a special APP to input the identity information of homeless people, and passers-by made charitable donations through the QR code carried by homeless people.

The Difference Between NFC Payment and QR Code

There are some key differences between QR codes and NFC payment, which we’ll outline below:

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The first is security. Although QR codes have the advantage of being easy to scan, their security is compromised. The technology has many vulnerabilities that allow the information to be intercepted and used for malicious purposes.

NFC tags, on the other hand, can be encrypted and can only read —— once in a few centimeters, which is not an easy range for hackers to intercept information. While anyone can use a smartphone to scan for NFC tags, that’s not a big problem, because criminals can’t use them for malicious purposes.

The second is customization, where QR codes provide more freedom than NFC tags, but NFC tags are easier to implement. While QR codes can be customized in a variety of ways, they must meet certain standards to ensure that the information encoded into them can be read by the scanner.

The third is availability:,Although QR codes have been around for a long time, many people still don’t know what they are or how to use them. On the other hand, with NFC (near-field communication) tags, it is easier to figure out what they are used for and how to use them, as more and more people already have NFC-enabled smartphones.

The fourth is the cost of investment. Although both technologies are relatively cheap, the NFC tag may cost more than the QR codes. This is because they are bigger and heavier than most traditional barcodes, which means they are more expensive to produce in batches.

Summary and Outlook

The NFC payment method provides a new and reliable way to raise money, making it more convenient. Newbega company is a professional NFC product manufacturer and solutions provider, smart card products sell well at home and abroad, if you have any demand, please click the button below to contact us.

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