Technology has transformed watches from traditional wristwatches to smart tracking devices straight out of a James Bond movie. Lately, rings are the latest jewelry staple to get a smart makeover.

The best smart NFC rings, like smartwatches, have a comprehensive suite of health and sleep tracking features. They take a more cautious (and even less obstructive) approach, especially ahead of summer sports and social events. Some options even include non-health-related NFC functionality, like contactless payments.

Our overall pick for the best smart ring we tested is the Oura Ring 3, thanks to its impressive health suite. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Oura, and which other top smart rings might be worth considering.

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Oura Ring 3

Best Smart Ring Overall

Oura Ring 3


Lightweight and natural fit
fast charging
Automatic Firmware Updates
run in airplane mode


$5.99/month membership
no half size

Oura Ring 3 Specs: Material: Lightweight Titanium, Non-Allergenic, Non-Metallic Inner Mold|Battery Life: 4-7 Days|Recharge: Fully Charges in 20-80 Minutes|Compatibility: iOS and Android|Durability: Water Resistant to 328ft | Sizes: Buy a free size kit on their website.

I purchased a Heritage Oura ring and put it to the test with weekly activities such as strength training, cycling, yoga, etc. Not only did it adequately track my activity, sleep, and daily readiness, but I didn’t get lost in an overwhelming amount of data. Instead, my morning sleep score is actionable and provides insight into how I can improve my nighttime habits.

For example, over 50 guided meditation options help me relieve stress instantly and set me up for sleep success. A simplified overall score will be displayed as a detailed graph, monitoring nightly heart rate, body temperature and blood oxygen levels. Plus, the ring can automatically sense when you’re feeling stressed and adjust what Oura calls the activity’s “daily readiness score” accordingly.

This comprehensive yet simple approach is evident in the form factor and integration of the ring. I’m also amazed at how all the (accurate) tech fits into such a small, sleek device. Also, even with the lights turned off at night, I don’t notice the red and green sensor lights. The ring syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit, and the iOS and Android apps. This compatibility means you can see daily, weekly and monthly views of activity and other metrics.
The downside is that there is a $5.99 monthly membership fee to unlock the features that make this ring worth the money, such as in-depth morning sleep analysis, blood oxygen monitoring, real-time heart rate and temperature trend monitoring (it can even predict the early stages of disease), and overall personalized insights. However, non-paying members only have access to sleep, readiness, and activity insights.

McLear RingPay

The best smart rings for contactless payments are coming soon

McLear RingPay


Contactless operation function

no need to charge

RingPay app to track spending


Released first in the UK (not yet available in the US)

McLear Ring Specs: Material: Hypoallergenic Ceramic | Compatibility: iOS and Android | Recharging: No Charging Required | Durability: Water Resistant | Sizes: Available in sizes 4.5-16; Ring Sizer at Checkout; Free Size Exchange

The simple, elegant RingPay integrates the always useful contactless payment technology. You can securely pay for items by linking your debit or credit card and earn cash back when you use it. The ring is quicker to use than contactless alternatives like unlocking your phone wallet or using your credit card. You can wash your hands while wearing it because the smart ring is water resistant, scratch resistant and pressure tested. It’s made from hypoallergenic ceramic, so there’s no glue or plastic involved.

RingPay comes from McLear, the company that made the first NFC (near field communication, or wireless data transfer) ring to digitally unlock doors. Likewise, McLear promises that the Ring can unlock your NFC-enabled Android phone and tablet with a simple tap from the ring to the device. You can store and securely share information to your friends’ devices, including Wi-Fi information, website links, and contact information.

McClear’s website says the ring will be released in the UK first, but will soon be available in other territories, with an option to join a waiting list.

Circular Ring

The Best Smart Rings for Health Tracking Basics

Circular Ring


Four interchangeable shells

Monitor blood oxygen and heart rate

Future firmware updates included with purchase


need to charge

Circular Ring Specs: Material: Hypoallergenic Material, Interchangeable Cases | Battery Life: Four Days | Charge: 60 Minutes | Compatibility: iOS and Android | Durability: Waterproof | Sizes: Size Kits Available

Launched last year, the Circular Ring is marketed by the company as its “state-of-the-art wearable tracking device.”

Ring focuses on three main components: sleep, activity and health. The device tracks precise heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature and movement during sleep, with a focus on quality, duration and circadian rhythm. You’ll even get notifications for irregularities in your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Additionally, the ring promises 10 days of built-in data storage without a Bluetooth connection.

For fitness, you’ll get an energy score that tells you how much energy you’ve burned throughout the day, and the Circular Ring automatically tracks your workouts. The technology organizes data in one easy-to-read app so you can better understand your habits and make better health decisions.

Hecere NFC Ring

The best budget NFC smart rings

Hecere NFC Ring


Customizable Tracking

Includes a ring box

Can be used as an NFC business card

water proof


no half size

only one color option

No health tracking metrics

Hecere NFC Ring Specifications: Material: Zirconia Ceramic and Epoxy | Chip: NFC 215 | Compatibility: Android and Apple | Battery: N/A | Charging: N/A | Durability: Waterproof | Size Features: Sizes 5-14; Follow the size guide before ordering

The Hecere NFC Ring is the best smart ring for the tech-savvy, who might want to use your ring to turn on their phone, or even as a web tool. It’s blank, with a built-in rewritable chip. You can download the free NFC app and program the ring to do what you want, whether you want it to turn on Wi-Fi, make a call, or share a contact.

The sensing technology in this ring is more advanced than similar products. If you want a fun, customizable project, this could be the ring for you.

Go2sleep Ring

Best Sleep Smart Rings

Go2sleep Ring


sleep tracking focus

Support airplane mode

Continuous upgrade

one year warranty


The ring needs to be disassembled when the report is generated

Go2sleep Ring Specifications: Material: Acrylic/PC+ABS Plastic | Battery Life: Three Days | Sizes: Silicone Finger Cots in Three Sizes | Compatibility: iOS and Android: | Durability: Waterproof | Charging: Two Hours Magnetic Charging

The Go2sleep ring is dedicated to one function: tracking your sleep based on heart rate, blood oxygen levels and heart rate variability. If you or anyone in your family suffers from a sleep condition, this ring could be a helpful tool.

You can share data with family members on the app to learn more about their sleep habits, and even download your sleep report as an Excel file to show your healthcare provider.

Advanced technology wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase in the morning, so you won’t feel disoriented when you wake up. The Go2sleep ring automatically syncs with the Health app on your iOS device and features a ring finder so you can find your device if it’s misplaced.

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How did we choose these smart rings?

I analyzed the overall quality and functionality of smart rings currently on the market. I considered factors such as pricing, specific use, durability, and device compatibility.

Use and function: Traditionally, smart rings like the Oura are replacements for smartwatches or other health-tracking devices. We considered rings that do monitor things like blood oxygen tests, sleep and heart rate tracking, and activity metrics, but also rings with smart nuances like NFC readouts and contactless payments.

Durability: From jewelry accessories to smart staples, these rings should include certain aspects of durability to maximize benefits. We considered whether the ring is waterproof, waterproof or coated for any additional protection.

Device Compatibility: Unlike smart watches, smart rings do not have an interactive display. Therefore, all data is stored via third-party software. We’ve made sure these picks are compatible with some tech fan favorites like iOS and Android.

Design: One of the great things about a smart ring is that, ideally, it’s sleek, subtle, and comfortable to wear—even if your fingers can get swollen on a hot summer day.

Which Is The Best Fitness Ring?

Other experts on the FuninUSA.NET editorial staff also named the Oura Ring 3 the best overall smart ring in the fitness wearable market. If your goal is to specifically track workouts and workout recovery, Oura Ring 3 is the best choice for you. 


Effective in measuring heart rate variability (HRV), Oura Ring 3 has also been shown to show early signs of disease. For example, Dr. Jason Fanning of Wake Forest University saw his “heart rate variability go through the floor” days before he tested positive for COVID-19 thanks to his Oura Ring data.

Oura even partnered with the NBA to help players train during the pandemic. The NBA purchased 2,000 Oura rings to track signs of COVID-19 symptoms using body temperature data. Additionally, the smart ring provides players with personalized insights into their health.

As such, the Oura has proven to be a solid choice when it comes to fitness reliability.

Are smart rings reliable?

Smart rings can provide more accurate readings than smart watches because they are worn near the large blood vessels on the finger. In contrast, smartwatch sensors utilize small capillaries for readings.

What can a smart ring do?

Smart rings can be used for various functions. A ring like the McLear RingPay is ideal if contactless payments are a priority for you. Use the circular ring if you want to monitor your blood oxygen and heart rate 24/7. The smart ring can go as far as you want, and you can even program your own ring with the Hecere NFC Ring.

Smart rings also tend to have long battery life, and some don’t need charging at all.

((Reproduced from FuninUSA.NET)

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