TapOnn company recently announced its development goals, which plans to replace paper business cards with nfc steel card and coins. Co-founder Dhruv Jolly said: ” Effective social networks don’t appear because there is no effective way to connect or share information.”With NFC technology, you can efficiently complete all the social functions with a single card.


For example, he says, photographers want to highlight their profile on Instagram or Pinterest, not just a phone number. He added: ” On the Internet side, the demand is very big and the gap is very big.”

TapOnn Is an India-based technology company that hopes to use technology to disrupt the traditional business card exchange culture and make it easier for people to instantly share their social profiles, emails and so on.

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What is NFC Steel Card?

NFC steel card, the metal card, which adopts leading new process, is made of brass and stainless steel, and refined in a streamlined process of stamping, corroding, printing, polishing, electroplating, coloring, dispensing, packaging and other flow operations. 

nfc metal card

NFC steel cards such as the metal digital business cards, cheap metal business cards with qr code, metal NFC smart business cards with extraordinary creativity are noble and elegant, and have the value of collection and gift.

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Meanwhile, TapOnn has raised $150,000 in angel funding, basically using near-field Connectivity technology to provide a smart card / coin that allows you to share your details immediately.

Once you’ve created a TapOnn profile (through a dedicated app), you can choose from all the social profiles and other details you want to share, and pair the app with the accessories.

The cards can also be personalized. If the recipient’s phone does not have a close communication function, the sender can (through the application) send a link or QR code to the recipient. The link opens on the default browser, which means the recipient does not need to download the app.

What Does This Special NFC Steel Card Do?

This NFC Steel card is inseparable from the special application on it.

The dedicated app also provides analytics and insight, such as several times you swipe your cards, which can be useful for tracking the effectiveness of social events or business meetings.

metal card

Jolly revealed that the company has sold more than 500 TapOnn cards since its launch in November 2022. He added that the company currently keeps the app free, but at some point in the future it will consider launching a subscription-based model where premium users will get more features, possibly free, bundled smart cards.

Jolly added that his company, TapOnn, is also exploring the B2B market. The company plans to build an ecosystem where the company can manage all its employees’ smart cards through a dashboard, allowing access to all connections and data.

TapOnn Also integrates its API into the company’s CRM and automation software, making it easier for employees to schedule events and meetings, update contact details, and automate marketing.

That said, a significant number of companies are offering digital business cards, and the industry is expected to be worth $242.3 million by 2027. Cube is a popular platform that offers personalized business cards with embedded QR codes.

Summary and Outlook

For this matter, some netizens commented: the development of NFC is the future trend, before this, even the industry leading Apple mobile phone did not have this function. Today, many smart products have added this feature to transmit information more efficiently, which means that people’s lives will become more convenient.

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