Smart furniture sounds like a very expensive product, but if you can make some “smart” furniture by yourself, won’t it save a lot of costs? Today, when everyone has a mobile phone, it has become very popular to use NFC stickers to DIY and own your own smart furniture. And all it takes is a phone and some NFC stickers.

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Imagine that you only need to touch the back of your phone to automatically connect to WIFI, automatically turn on and off lights, and automatically play music. You can even attach it to your backpack and open your home by just touching it downstairs in your community. Air conditioning and so on. Doesn’t this sound very futuristic? If you are a technology enthusiast, this article will teach you how to use NFC stickers to complete these actions!

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NFC Sticker Automatically Connects to WIFI

This operation is suitable for being placed in the entrance or living room. When friends come to visit, just touch it and the wireless network device will be automatically connected.

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First, download the NFC tag assistant on your mobile phone, then click on WiFi, then click on the icon in the upper right corner, select your home WiFi, enter the password and then bring the sticker closer to write on it. But this feature is not supported by iPhone.

From this step we can understand the actual principle of NFC stickers. Essentially, stickers are a pre-written program. Using your mobile phone as a reader to “open” this program is equivalent to opening it on your mobile phone. Just like an APP.

Understanding this principle, we can follow this example and put NFC stickers on speakers, air conditioners and other places that can be controlled with mobile phones.

NFC Sticker Automatically Enables Bluetooth Speakers to Play Music

Android: Still use the NFC tag assistant, then click Bluetooth, then select the Bluetooth speaker, then write to the NFC tag and the setting is successful.

iPhone: It will be a little more troublesome to set up, but once it is set up, the user experience will be better than Android.

First open the music APP and find the entrance to add Siri shortcuts. Every music APP has this function, then click Add to Siri, then open the shortcut command that comes with the system, click Create Personal Automation, select NFC, click Scan, and then add NFC Place the card close to the phone and name it whatever you want, click Next, then find the command you just added in the music APP, add another command called Set Playback Position, then select your Bluetooth speaker, click Next and turn off the Ask before running option. Then you can use Bluetooth speakers to play music.


The use of NFC stickers can make life more intelligent. At the same time, an NFC tag can be written and used repeatedly. If you want to change it one day, you can just reset it. Then there are generally 3 types of chips: 213, 215, and 216. The larger the number, the greater the storage capacity. Newbies are advised to buy 216 stickers directly. This has a high fault tolerance and can be used better.

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