Over a decade ago, technical expert Simonelli experienced a life-altering accident during a motorcycle race. The lack of identification hindered prompt medical attention, inspiring him to develop a solution using NFC (near field communication) technology. Since then, Simonelli has launched ICE-Key, a revolutionary product that enables outdoor athletes, such as cyclists and runners, to carry essential medical and identity information with them.

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The Textrace NFC tags, integrated with a mobile app, offer a convenient and non-intrusive solution, ensuring first responders can access critical details in case of emergencies. Newbega is a professional NFC smart product provider and an NFC solution provider with 20 years of experience. If you have any questions related to the NFC tag, please feel free to contact us.

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From USB Bracelets to ICE-Key: A Journey of Innovation

Initially, Simonelli created a bracelet with a USB flash drive to store personal information. However, limited access to computers in ambulance services posed a challenge.

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In 2015, Simonelli developed ICE-Key, along with an Android app, to address this issue. Partnering with Avery Dennison allowed the integration of the Textrace NFC tags, revolutionizing emergency response for outdoor athletes.

These shoe tags store a unique ID that can link responders to vital identity and health information, including name, emergency contacts, blood type, allergies, previous surgeries, and vaccination records.

Seamless Emergency Response with ICE-Key NFC Tags

To utilize the ICE-Key system, users can download the ICE-Key Tag mobile app to input and manage their personal data. This information is then linked to the unique ID on the shoe tag.

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Users have the flexibility to customize their language preference and can choose from seven language options. When faced with an emergency, first responders can conveniently tap their smartphones within a 1 to 4 centimeter range of the athlete’s shoes to access the stored information.

With data read speeds of 424 kilobits per second, swift and accurate retrieval of essential details is ensured.

Empowering Outdoor Athletes with a Vital Safety Measure

Outdoor athletes, including renowned cyclist Tadej Pogačar, are now embracing the ICE-Key solution during high-profile events like the Tour de France.

Unlike other identification solutions that require passcodes and technological know-how, ICE-Key tags provide instant access to critical information without compromising security.

With tailored support for the unique needs of outdoor athletes such as swimmers, runners, and cyclists, ICE-Key labels offer a practical and reliable safety measure, enhancing emergency response capabilities for athletes across the globe.


Simonelli’s pioneering ICE-Key technology, with its integration of Textrace NFC tags and a user-friendly mobile app, has revolutionized emergency response for outdoor athletes.

The ability to securely store vital identity and health information within compact shoe tags ensures first responders can swiftly access critical details in the event of an emergency.

By providing a tailored and accessible solution, ICE-Key empowers athletes to stay safe while pursuing their passions. With the rapid adoption of this innovative technology, it is clear that the future of identification and emergency response is being reshaped by NFC solutions like ICE-Key.

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