In recent years, the personalized dog tags industry has developed rapidly. According to research and markets data, the global pet market will be worth US$232.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US$332.9 billion in 2026.

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Recently, the videos on TikTok about making pet dog tags have been very popular, and several videos have reached tens of millions of views, attracting everyone’s attention.

A TikTok blogger nicknamed “@made.by_amanda” posted a 30-second video of making a resin dog tag.

In the video, the blogger pours resin glue into molds of different shapes, sprinkles some small decorations, mixes and stirs; after air-drying, pastes RFID tags with pet names or information, and finally applies sealing glue, and the dog tag is completed up.

The video has been played 15.8 million times, has 1.5 million likes, and has over 120,000 comments. Many users interact with the blogger in the comment area, hoping that the blogger can make a dog tag for their dog.

The blogger specializes in selling customized dog tags, and makes exclusive dog tags based on the pet names left by fans in the comment area. The @made.by_amanda homepage has a dog tag purchase channel, and users can purchase it directly.

As the video went viral on TikTok, the dog tags sold like hotcakes.

Through observation, the topic of “#dog tag” has 364 million views on TikTok. Bloggers make dog tags based on fans’ comments and @message users. The popularity of such creative videos continues.

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Personalized Dog Tags, Let the Pet Back

According to Google Trends data, searches for “pet tag” continue to soar. In the past year, the global search interest for the topic of “pet tag” has basically remained at 55-75, with the highest popularity reaching 100.

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According to APPA data, North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia and other regions have a large demand for dog tags, and North America occupies the largest market share.

The North American pet market will be worth $95.7 billion in 2021, with North Americans spending most of their money on pet dogs.

According to statistics, about 1/3 of pet dogs are lost at least once in their lives. Therefore, dog tags are very popular in North America.

According to factmr survey data, about 14% of dogs are lost every year, and the number of lost cats is also a small number, and 93% of them are found because of wearing dog tags, which increases pet owners’ demand for dog tags .

In addition, the “1992 Dog Control Order” issued by the United Kingdom requires dogs to wear tags with the owner’s name and contact information, which further increases the purchase rate of dog tags by British pet families.

Overseas users like unique and creative things, and customized DIY dog tags attract many interested users.

According to data from The Deloitte Consumer Review, more than half of people will buy personalized products as gifts for friends and family, and 20% of consumers are willing to pay 20% more for special customized products.

DIY Dog tags Personalized Customization, To Meet Consumer Needs

Consumers can customize dog tags of different sizes and colors, and create unique dog tags based on the pet’s name and owner’s contact information.

The dog tag is made of epoxy resin, and the outside is sealed with ultraviolet resin to provide multiple layers of protection to ensure that the information on the dog tag is intact and will not be easily worn or damaged.

With the continuous development of the pet economy, pet owners love and care for their pets, and the demand for pet labels, pet tags and other peripheral products has greatly increased overseas.

DIY dog tags become a hot product, which is inseparable from the investigation of user consumption trends and market demand.

Summary and Outlook

The market for DIY dog tags may be bigger than imagined. Now that people are willing to live alone, pets have become more diverse. A good-looking dog tag is likely to make pet owners want to buy it.

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