According to reports, Alpharetta has become the first police department in the country to start using the new police smart card platform, which aims to provide citizens with an easier and more verifiable way to access police information.

police smart card

With police violence in the United States, the government is also trying to win the trust of citizens to quickly identify the true identity of the police.

At Alpharetta, officers will carry a smart card that can be scanned through a smartphone, using near-field communication (NFC) technology or a QR code. The scanned card will show the official’s photo, name, rank, badge number, and contact information. If the officer was accepting the report at the time, the case number would also be included.

In addition to providing information to citizens, the smart card will allow police departments to collect public feedback about their police officers, providing users with investigations related to their experience with the police.

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What is the Police Smart Card?

police smart card Is a kind of smart card made based on NFC technology, it can easily read information, so that citizens can quickly identify the official identity of the police.

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Alpharetta Sheriff Mike Stewart explained: ” Legitimacy comes from transparency. We see smart cards as a more transparent way, while also making it easier for the public to interact with us. If your interaction is good, we want to know. If your interaction is not so great, we wonder if, in either case, we want to make it easier for you to tell us, because it makes it easier for us to identify the issues that need to be addressed.”

If the pilot project is successful, it will be rolled out further throughout the state, and the state capital, Atlanta, is reportedly considering implementation.

The Difference Between NFC Police Smart Card and QR Code

Although police smart card has been well received by many industry insiders, many netizens have also questioned it. Why not use a more convenient and simple two-dimensional code as an information voucher?

There are some key differences between QR codes and NFC tags, which we’ll outline below:

The first is security. Although QR codes have the advantage of being easy to scan, their security is compromised. The technology has many vulnerabilities that allow the information to be intercepted and used for malicious purposes.

NFC tags, on the other hand, can be encrypted and can only read —— once in a few centimeters, which is not an easy range for hackers to intercept information. While anyone can use a smartphone to scan for NFC tags, that’s not a big problem, because criminals can’t use them for malicious purposes.

The second is customization, where QR codes provide more freedom than NFC tags, but NFC tags are easier to implement. While QR codes can be customized in a variety of ways, they must meet certain standards to ensure that the information encoded into them can be read by the scanner.

For example, the color used must be deep enough to facilitate reading. This means that designers or users cannot choose any color they want, but their choices are limited. NFC (near-field communication) labels provide complete freedom in terms of design.

The third is availability:,Although QR codes have been around for a long time, many people still don’t know what they are or how to use them. On the other hand, with NFC (near-field communication) tags, it is easier to figure out what they are used for and how to use them, as more and more people already have NFC-enabled smartphones.

The fourth is the cost of investment. Although both technologies are relatively cheap, the NFC tag may cost more than the QR codes. This is because they are bigger and heavier than most traditional barcodes, which means they are more expensive to produce in batches.

Summary and Outlook

Today, many smart products have added this feature to transmit information more efficiently, which means that people’s lives will become more convenient.

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