Music fans, investors and collectors who purchase exclusive limited edition vinyl albums released by US company Vinylkey can authenticate their purchase, register proof of ownership and link to unique digital assets by tapping an NFC tag embedded in the physical album with their smartphone.

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The NFC tag enables purchasers to access a blockchain-enabled non-fungible token (NFT) that links to assets such as digital artworks, photographs, videos and other content created to accompany each individual release.

Vinylkey launched the technology with a specially designed single copy of the album ‘Live from Blackalachia’ by musician and storyteller Moses Sumney that links to a video NFT showing the artist hand-pressing the vinyl record at a pressing plant.

“For artists, Vinylkey serves as a tool for continued royalties and fan connection with NFT owners; and for music fans it provides a unique form of collectible equipped with enduring proof of authenticity and ownership,” Vinylkey says.

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NFT and NFC Protected Tags Maintains Copyright Together

The vinyl record is “connected to an NFT by pressing it with a unique visual pattern and embedding an NFC tag. Tapping the record using most Android and iOS phones will bring you to a web page showing its linked NFT and owner information,” the company explains.

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“The NFT represents the physical album in two different ways. The first way is the album contains an NFC tag with a unique number like a car VIN. This unique number can be read by your phone by tapping the centre of the album.

“The second way is that each album is pressed in a visually unique way and photos of the album are stored on the IPFS immutable file storage.

“The good NFC chip also serves as an anti-counterfeiting method. It is easy to copy a QR code and make a copy of a valuable album. The NFC chips comes from the factory with an ID number built-in so it requires much more effort to clone.”

What are NFC Protection Labels?

NFC protection labels are a type of label that uses near-field communication (NFC) technology to provide additional security and protection to physical products. The NFC chip embedded in the label can store important information about the product, such as information related to its authenticity, expiration date, and manufacturing date.

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Consumers can easily tap their NFC-enabled smartphones on the label to access the information stored on the chip. This helps to prevent counterfeit products from being sold and provides end-users with a way to verify the authenticity of the product they are purchasing.

NFC protection labels can also be used as a marketing tool by brands to improve customer engagement with their products. Brands can create interactive experiences for customers by programming the NFC chip to trigger an action such as displaying product videos, offering coupons, or providing other relevant information to the user.

Now many companies have implanted NFC chips or tags in their products as a protection mechanism, and Japan’s Nintendo will also add protection tags to their dolls to prove their authenticity.

In summary, NFC protection labels are labels that use NFC technology to provide enhanced security and protection to physical products while also improving customer engagement.

Summary and Outlook

Today’s major manufacturers attach great importance to copyright awareness, and NFC protection tags can be easily detected while ensuring the integrity of the product. In many cases, you only need a mobile phone to identify product information and determine whether it is genuine. This is of great help in protecting copyrights.

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