Tageos, a global supplier of sustainable, high-performance RFID inlays and tags, has announced the release of three new EOS-261inlays, marking the creation of a new retail-specific product line for Tageos.

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It is reported that all EOS-261inlays and tags are based on the latest generation of RAIN RFID ICs from Impinj (M730m, M750) and NXP (UCODE 9, UCODE 9xe), and share the powerful antenna design and ultra-compact footprint of the previously released EOS-261 area. The new product line offers retailers and brand owners a choice of ARC-certified RFID products.

The four members of the EOS-261 inlay series excel in versatility in retail applications. The range of products has passed ARC specifications (W1-6) and some further retail related specifications (F, G, N, O, Q, R, Y). At the same time, another advantage of the EOS-261 product line is its ultra-small footprint: Tageos said that all EOS-261 products use the latest generation of ICs from NXP and Impinj, and the antenna size is 44 x 20 mm, which is the largest in the market. The most compact and versatile inlay on the market.

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Why is the RFID inlay Size very Important?

Size does matter because a small footprint requires fewer resources, allowing for more possible applications, and larger antennas tend to improve performance and facilitate ARC compliance. Therefore, the combination of compact antenna size and very comprehensive ARC certification is the source of differentiation for all EOS-261 inlay types.

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The names of the four new EOS-261 products reflect the ICs used, which have corresponding characteristics and performance data that determine their suitability for a variety of item-level applications and environments in the retail sector, especially apparel, accessories, consumer Electronics, household items and toys. All EOS-261 inlays are also suitable for logistics, automotive and industrial manufacturing applications.

The Application Environment and Characteristics of the Four New EOS-261 Products

EOS-261 U9 inlay uses NXP UCODE 9 RAIN RFID IC for high-performance transceiving in all global frequency standards. With its mature RF performance, UCODE 9 is especially suitable for inventory management applications, which can realize long-distance reading and fast inventory of RFID tag group reading. In addition, the chip also has 96-bit EPC, Kill password, EPC and Kill password permalock, Self-adjusting impedance, and Memory integrity safeguards.

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The EOS-261 U9xe inlay is based on the NXP UCODE 9xe RAIN RFID IC designed as a UCODE 9 replacement offering the same feature set, RF performance and compatibility. This UCODE 9 product provides 128-bit EPC memory, which can store important data such as expiration date or production information directly on the IC. This makes IoT applications smarter than ever before.

EOS-261 M730 inlay uses Impinj M730 RAIN RFID IC, which is equipped with 128-bit EPC memory. The M730 provides high performance, fast inventory sorting capabilities and some more advanced features for the next generation of universal RAIN RFID tags worldwide. The chip is suitable for solutions including high-speed inventory counting, loss prevention for contactless self-checkouts, and embedded labels for fast returns.

EOS-261 M750 inlay adopts Impinj M750 RAIN RFID IC, equipped with 96-bit EPC memory and 32-bit user memory, and enhanced “Autotune” adaptive RF tuning function. In addition, the IC has improved read and write sensitivity compared to Impinj R6/R6-P, enabling faster and more accurate batch reads.

Summary and Outlook

Reasonable use of these labels can greatly reduce operating costs and improve production and management efficiency. Nowadays, it has become a popular way to use RFID equipment with good quality and suitable communication distance.

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