The Philippine charity lottery PCSO recently announced that it has officially adopted RFID technology to better manage the rfid bingo balls used in its lottery draws. It is reported that the Philippine Lottery system will now use RFID technology from Smartplay International Inc. and Jonico Technologies System to identify winning numbers.


Earlier this year, the PCSO purchased advanced lottery machines that randomly select bingo balls marked with numbers used to identify lottery winners. While the system previously used ping pong balls by default, the new system’s foam balls are each loaded with an RFID chip. The chip is encoded with a unique ID associated with the number assigned to that ball.

RFID makes drawing more accurate and ensures the integrity of each draw, the PCSO said. These balls go through a testing procedure of at least 3000 times before being used. Production includes quality control and inspection as part of the ball draw verification system.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes PCSO is a well-known charity organization in the Philippines. Its purpose is to combine lottery and charity to achieve better funding for ordinary people.

And on August 12, 2023. The PCSO announced that a lucky winner in the Ramon Magasaysay district of Quezon City has won the Ultra Lotto 6/58 jackpot of approximately P49.5 million.

The winning combination of the night was 50-46-57-40-04-19, and the accumulated prize money was 49,500,000 pesos.

The previous Ultra Lotto winner, from Mandaue in Cebu, won the P87,051,450.20 jackpot on Aug. 8.

Under the Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion Act, there will be a 20 percent tax deduction on jackpots where prizes exceed P10,000.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office also reminded that if the jackpot is not claimed within one year, the prize will be forfeited and used for charitable funds in accordance with Republic Act 1169 or the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Statutes.

The next Ultra Lotto draw is scheduled for August 13.

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What is RFID Bingo Ball

An RFID bingo ball is a bingo device that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. In traditional bingo, players typically use paper cards or tokens to keep track of their numbers. Using RFID bingo balls can make this process more automated and convenient.

rfid bingo ball

RFID bingo balls usually consist of a spherical container filled with many small balls with RFID chips inside. Each ball has a unique identification number. Participants do not need to manually mark paper cards when playing games, but automatically identify and track the corresponding numbers through RFID technology.

When the host or game controller draws a ball from the container, the RFID system will automatically read the identification number on the ball and mark it in the system as drawn. Participants use personal devices equipped with RFID technology, such as electronic cards or touch screens, to see in real time which numbers have been drawn on their cards.

The application of this RFID technology makes the bingo game more efficient and accurate, and provides a better gaming experience. It eliminates human error and disputes, and streamlines the gaming process, allowing participants to better focus on the game itself without worrying about missing or missing numbers.

RFID bingo balls use radio frequency identification technology to provide a modern and intelligent solution in bingo games, bringing participants a more convenient, accurate and enjoyable gaming experience.

The Combination of RFID Technology and Lottery has Become a Popular Trend

Now more and more lottery units have adopted RFID technology to their management business. The application of RFID technology has brought many benefits to lottery activities, making the whole process more convenient, accurate and safe.

rfid technology

Using RFID technology can automate the lottery process, saving time and human resources. Participants only need to connect their personal devices carrying RFID chips to the system, and the system can automatically identify and record the lottery results, eliminating tedious manual operations.

It also ensures accuracy and fairness, RFID technology can ensure the accuracy and fairness of the lottery process. Each participant’s RFID chip has a unique identification, the system can accurately track and verify the identity of each participant, and generate fair lottery results. This eliminates the possibility of cheating or mistakes and increases the credibility of the draw.

At the same time, RFID technology provides greater security and helps prevent counterfeiting or tampering with the lottery process. The RFID chip can be programmed and password protected to ensure that only authorized equipment and personnel can conduct lottery operations. This helps protect the integrity of the Sweepstakes and prevents unauthorized operations from damaging the Sweepstakes.


Benefit from the advantages of RFID technology in automation, accuracy, fairness, data management and security. This combination provides a better sweepstakes experience that benefits both organizers and participants.

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