One company is set to launch a new service using rfid cable tie recently, W & O Supply, the world’s leading maritime supplier of valves, drives, pipelines and accessories, will launch a digital valve management service to manage important valves on board through the innovative use of radio frequency identification technology.

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It is understood that many ship operators even lack basic identification information about their ship valves, such as type, material, year or size, and have difficulty maintaining a clear valve database in their ERP systems so that shore-based teams can automatically purchase.

This lack of insight will increase the risk of delivering the wrong valve when unexpected failure or mean that the replacement valve may be unsuitable for use or the lack of necessary entry tests, all a waste of time and money. A digital approach to valve management can help ship owners avoid temporary orders and last-minute parts delivery, which can all lead to delayed operations.

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What Does RFID Technology And RFID Cable Tie Tag Have to Do with Fisheries?

RFID radio frequency identification technology is a kind of contactless automatic identification technology using radio frequency communication. RFID cable tie tags are characterized by small size, large capacity, long life and reusable, and can support rapid reading and writing, non-visual identification, multi-target identification, positioning and long-term tracking management.

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RFID technology combined with Internet, communication and other technologies can realize goods tracking and information sharing nationwide. RFID technology is applied in logistics, manufacturing, public information service and other industries, which can greatly improve the management and operation efficiency and reduce costs.

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With the continuous improvement and maturity of related technologies, RFID industry will become an emerging high-tech industry group.

Research RFID technology, develop RFID industry to enhance the level of social information and further improve the management level of fishery, can be involved in the scope of ship inspection, fishing vessel entry and exit visa, crew certificates, rescue facilities, communication equipment, fire facilities and other daily supervision work.

What is the Practical Use of RFID Cable Tie on Ships?

It is understood that ship owners or ship managers often only check the condition of their key valves when the ship is in dry dock for maintenance. The work of pre-dry dock checking and identifying valves by the expert technical team will not only save time and money in the upcoming dry dock, but also make future inspections faster and easier by putting RFID tags on the valves.

rfid cable tie

RFID cable ties contain detailed information about the valve specifications and their inspection and installation history, including survey photographs, any safety pressure settings, and any associated test certificates to obtain the right valve at the right time anywhere in the world.

President Kristof Adam, general manager of W & O Supply Europe, said, ” While the Marine valve budget is a small part of the fleet, we have learned over the years that technical and procurement teams often spend a lot of time to get the right valves.”

He added, “Since there are a lot of valves on each ship, an effective management process is critical and it can be very costly. Valves can cause serious management difficulties during normal operation or dry dock, and the use of cable tie tag and digital valve management will make it easier to identify, order, and supply valves, reducing the risk of financial losses due to errors.”

Summary and Outlook

With the development of high and new technology, RFID can apply to more and more fields. Through the reasonable application of rfid label, the management of fishing boats should be strengthened, and the intensity of various fishing operations should be scientifically standardized in combination with the current situation, so as to achieve the purpose of harmonious coexistence with nature.

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