The word “perfume” originated from the Latin “Parfumare” (penetrating smoke). After the ancients learned to use fire, they believed that the smoke emitted when objects burned was the connection between the earth and the gods. In the second half of the 14th century, a new type of perfume “toilet water” was born, which was a mixture of alcohol and essential oils. This is why the word perfume includes “water”.

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Nowadays, perfume is no longer a luxury product in the pure sense, but has become a necessary lifestyle item with the label of a famous designer to decorate one’s appearance. Women’s perfume is mainly used in the world, with a low proportion of men. It belongs to the category of cosmetics. In the field, as global consumption continues to grow, the overall demand is also increasing year by year.

Recently, Bastille Fragrance Company announced that it has reached a cooperation with Avery Dennison and will use Avery Dennison’s digital solutions to enhance product traceability. It is reported that Bastille perfume company launched its latest plan to improve product transparency last month. It plans to use RFID technology to improve the transparency of the supply chain and combine it with QR code technology to share product-related information directly with consumers.

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Why Bastille Chose RFID Technology?

In fact, the application of RFID technology can bring many benefits to perfume companies. First of all, RFID technology can help companies improve management efficiency. The cosmetics industry has very high requirements for supply chain management, especially for product tracking and monitoring, and RFID technology can quickly and accurately track the location of each product during the manufacturing process, including raw materials. sourcing and usage, every step of the manufacturing process, custom production, quality control, etc. This can effectively reduce errors and delays, improve production capacity and quality, and improve management efficiency to a certain extent. ​


Secondly, RFID technology can ensure the quality of cosmetics. The raw materials and manufacturing processes of cosmetics are often very complex, so comprehensive monitoring of the production process is required to ensure product quality and safety. RFID technology can mark each cosmetic product when it is manufactured to track the quality and safety of the cosmetics. Unqualified cosmetics can be eliminated in time, thereby ensuring the safety and quality of the products purchased by consumers and improving consumer confidence. Trust.

Thirdly, RFID technology can protect intellectual property rights. In the cosmetics industry, intellectual property rights are vital assets because each brand of cosmetics has its own unique formula and manufacturing process. RFID technology can build this information into labels to ensure that each cosmetic batch can be traced and intellectual property rights protected. In this way, companies can ensure that only authorized users know about manufacturing processes and information, thus preventing knowledge from being stolen and illegally copied.

Finally, RFID technology can help companies manage inventory more efficiently. For the cosmetics industry, trade costs are extremely huge, because cosmetics have a relatively short shelf life and need to replenish supply in a timely manner. RFID tags can track the inventory of cosmetics, thereby effectively controlling inventory status, replenishing supply in a timely manner, and ensuring adequate inventory, thereby shortening the replenishment cycle and improving operational efficiency. Therefore, RFID technology provides perfume companies with a powerful tool to help them better meet growing market demands.

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