It was first and goal for the Seattle Seahawks during a 2020 game against Arizona. Cardinals safety Budda Baker jumped the lane to snare an interception, tearing off for the end zone, but Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf—who was running on the opposite side of the field—gave chase.

According to the data from the RFID reader which works with the RFID chips worn by the athletes, during an amazingly short time, Metcalf brought down Baker short of the goal line, saving a touchdown, according to the data from the RFID reader which works with the RFID chips worn by the athletes.

“He is flying down the field!” Cris Collinsworth said during the broadcast, “It was unbelievable how much ground he made up!”

Within minutes, we knew just how fast Metcalfe was. He totaled 114.8 yards in the game and hit a top speed of 22.64 mph. The numbers are provided by the NFL’s Next-Gen Stats, which provides real-time data based on tracking players (and football) on the field.

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Actually, the reason why we can know these numbers so accurately is only because of a great technology, RFID. The RFID readers are equipped at the race field, and the imperceptible RFID chips are placed in the players’ protective gear. The data collected in real time can not only be analyzed and interpreted by the team, but also help fans improve their watching experience.

What an excellent RFID application example! If you want to know more stories about the combination of sports and technology, in other words, the RFID chip in sport, for example; why not read on?

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How to Use Radio Frequency Technology to Track Players?

Since the NFL’s inception, coaches and front office personnel have been improving data collection and player evaluation. Before 2008, they used cameras to track players. But the camera can’t capture all the information this way because there are so many different people on the field.

Therefore, Zebra Technologies submitted a proposal to use radio frequency identification (RFID). The technology uses tags that emit electromagnetic signals that can be picked up by nearby receivers. The proposal was accepted, and Zebra installed receivers not only in every NFL stadium, but also in stadiums where NFL teams might play games, such as those in Europe or Mexico.

The sensors are suspended in the airbags of footballs; the RFID tags operate at a higher frequency of 25 hertz per second in the ball and 12 hertz per second on the players. Higher frequencies can measure rotations, speeds and accelerations per minute. The first RFID-tagged balls were used in the 2016 preseason and Thursday Night Football games. It worked so well that starting next season, every game ball is labeled.

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What Are the Applications of RFID Technology in Other Industries?

RFID new technology has also been applied to video game development, and EA Sports is using this technology to create a more realistic football video game. For example, RFID data from the RFID reader working with RFID tags together can show the player’s stride change when cutting, which can be uploaded into the new version of the game data. “The combination of the camera and the RFID sensor makes the virtual experience game a layer of realism.” Swensson explained. .

Likewise, this data is also used in the gaming industry. At present, about 75% of the bets are on the result of the game, whether it is the line or the handicap. But there are other 25 percent: the length of the national anthem, the result of the coin toss, even the Gatorade color sprayed by the winning coach. Because of the lack of available data, none of these provided much in the game.

But that’s about to change, with the NFL announcing a partnership with Genius Sports Group in 2021 to distribute NFL play-by-play, betting and next-gen stats to media and gaming markets around the world. This means that statistics will become more and more important in the sports industry. One day, viewers will be able to pull up these data at any time on their mobile phones and will be happy to discuss it.

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Summary and Outlook

Nowadays, data statistics and collection are extremely important in various fields, which means that the RFID market will usher in a new round of technological innovation, and the fields where RFID chips can be applied will increase significantly. Newbega company has significant advantages in RFID technology and is a professional RFID product manufacturer with a history of 20 years. If you have this demand, you can feel free to contact us~

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