The application of digitalization in the fashion industry may not be as earth-shattering as aviation and other fields, but it is closely related to everyone’s daily life.

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A few days ago, UR announced that the company’s products have completed the application of RFID soft labels, realizing the rapid entry and exit of omni-channel products, and can dynamically track products, trace the whereabouts of products and the details of each link. In addition, UR has also introduced RPA process automation robots. In the future, repetitive and low-value work can be completed by robots. At the same time, UR has also established UR’ s automated delivery capabilities to improve efficiency.

Undoubtedly, after the UR digital transformation is implemented, people’s fashion experience has more technical guarantees, and those changes that focus on subtleties have actually made people feel the value brought by technology in their lives, which is worth unremitting Work hard and pursue better.

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UR's multi-year Layout for Digital Transformation

In order to realize the digital upgrade of the whole link, UR began to lay out the layout many years ago, and completed the prototype of the transformation from informatization to digitalization. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, UR has accelerated the pace of exploration and officially started digital transformation.

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Even in the face of the difficulties brought about by the epidemic, UR’ s investment in digital construction has remained at a high level. It has continuously introduced experienced digital talents, enriched its independent research and development capabilities, and ensured the successful implementation of digital transformation.

It is understood that UR’s world’s largest flagship store covers an area of 4,600 square meters. Based on RFID technology, UR has realized the digital management of the entire store, and has formed a comprehensive system from product receipt, inventory, fitting, search for goods, cash register, and anti-theft. A series of full-process intelligent operations.

UR Uses RFID Eas Dual-frequency Tags to Reduce Costs

Unlike most manufacturers, UR mostly uses RFID+EAS dual-frequency tags. If you look at the price of a single label, the price of dual-frequency labels will be higher than that of self-adhesive, water-washing labels, and hangtag labels. But because this kind of label can be recycled and reused, and achieve better anti-theft effect. Therefore, from the perspective of long-term benefits, it has more advantages in terms of cost, which is also very consistent with the high turnover rate of UR clothing.

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In the link of warehouse delivery, the channel machine checks the quantity of goods picked according to the packing, and automatically uploads to the RFID cloud platform after confirming that the goods are correct. If the monitoring is abnormal, it needs to be tested or adjusted out of the box.

In the receiving process of the store, the clerk can download the receiving receipt through the RFID handheld device APP, scan the box number, and scan the box details to review the receipt. At the same time, clerks can use RFID handheld devices to carry out daily store inventory. When looking for inventory targets, they can find the target storage location by entering the model number or barcode, and then use RFID to read the efficiency much faster.

In the sales process, the store is also equipped with a fitting magic mirror with RFID modules. When consumers get the clothes, the magic mirror will automatically identify the style and play the catwalk video of the same style on the catwalk, thereby stimulating consumers’ desire to buy.

In the store operation process, the code will be written on the label to prevent theft. By installing RFID collection equipment in the fitting room, real-time statistical fitting information can be realized to optimize sales strategies.

In the commodity settlement link, UR has also set up a special RFID self-service settlement system. Put all the clothes in the induction slot, and the machine will instantly read all the product information. The entire settlement process does not require the participation of shop assistants, and the operation is very simple.

Summary and Outlook

Times are changing, demands are changing, and market trends are changing accordingly. The reason why UR can quickly respond to changes and do a good job in the digital transformation of fashion enterprises is that UR has a complete and self-controlled full-link digital technology from design to production and marketing, which can conduct more timely and timely monitoring of each operation link. More precise adjustments will ultimately create products that better meet market expectations.

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