Recently, Ossia announced that it will establish a strategic tripartite partnership with Marubun and Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solutions (FSM) and launch a range of RFID epaper label.

Ossia and Marubun have been working on developing a wirelessly powered Internet of Things (IoT) sensor receiver that can be embedded in a variety of electronic devices. 

FSM provides memory products and solutions using ferroelectric random access memory, including battery-free solutions using RFID technology. Marubun Senior Vice President Satoshi Fujino said in a statement that the use of radio sources for the Internet of Things (such as ESL and RFID) is very commercial sense.

Wires and batteries are so limited that both devices are hindered by widespread innovation, let alone adoption. Cota Real Wireless Power Project makes ESL and RFID truly feasible and useful and opens the door to extended use cases.

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What is The RFID Tag?

epaper label

RFID tag is also called electronic tag, RFID is for Radio Frequency Identification (radio RFID). It is a non-contact automatic identification technology, it uses the target object to identify the RF signal and obtain the relevant data, the identification work without manual intervention.

As the wireless version of bar code, RFID technology has the advantages of waterproof, anti-magnetism, high temperature resistance, long service life, large reading distance, encrypted data on the label, larger storage data capacity, storage information change freely that bar code does not have.

The Cota Real radio source system automatically provides concentrated energy to hundreds of RFID tags, asset tracking systems, and shelf tags, without user intervention, maintenance, battery, or wiring.

It can be used around people and pets and can be managed remotely through the cloud. In a prepared statement, Kohji Nozoe, head of FSM Solutions Business, added that we are committed to creating new possibilities for a more sustainable world by connecting people, technology and ideas.

What is The Relationship Between Wireless Charging And RFID Tags?

In Europe and the United States, wireless charging is a link that car companies attach great importance to. At present, internationally, auto manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Toyota, and communication companies such as Qualcomm have begun to study wireless charging technology for electric vehicles.

Audi’s wireless charging technology solution is mainly aimed at the problem of efficiency loss in the transmission process. Through a lifting wireless charging system, the transmission coil at the cable end is closer to the end of the receiving coil at the bottom of the electric vehicle, thus improving the efficiency of power transmission.

wireless power

The wireless charging technology developed by BMW in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz has been tested and applied to the BMW i8 series. Volvo, for one thing, has already tested its on-board wireless charging system for electric cars, which is said to take less than three hours.

Due to the relatively mature wireless charging technology, some places have already been put into use. In 2014, South Korea laid a 12-kilometer wireless charging section, on which vehicles can be charged while driving.

Wireless charging in the field of other success makes people increasingly interested in RFID electronic tag wireless charging function. But now can wireless charging RFID electronic tag power consumption is not stable, label launch accuracy is low, some can only by setting the power supply to achieve energy consumption, this will increase the volume of RFID electronic tag, influence electronic tags to the further development of miniaturization, intelligent.

Summary And Outlook

Ossia CEO Doug Stovall said this strategic partnership enables them to drive the future of asset tracking systems such as digital shelf labels and smart bar codes in a sustainable, practical and seamless way.

They are honored to work with innovators like Marubun and FSM, and he said that the announcement will encourage more leaders who want to change things to explore and discuss ways the power of America can help solve the world’s problems.

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