Temera, an IoT solution provider for the fashion and luxury goods industry, and MHART, a Milan company that specializes in the design, manufacture and integration of clothing management suspension handling systems, announced a strategic cooperation in September, aiming to use the RFID technology and single-piece clothing processing system designed by MHART to promote Development of high-speed automation projects in the logistics sector.

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This allows them to intensively manage garments in a fully automated mode that integrates processing and traceability.

The first concrete application is the t!Conveyor system researched and developed by the two companies in the MHART laboratory: a system for overhead handling and sorting. The system hangs the products on a single hanger and is capable of fully automatic management of specific operational processes, mainly including receiving, order combining or pre-sorting, which require counting, identification, inventory registration and final sorting of products.

Through a series of automated components, the garments are first counted, then quality-checked through RFID readings, and then the expected data is sent to the operating area. If an abnormality is detected for a specific product, it will be immediately fed back to the shop assistant.

The target customers of the system are all companies involved in production and logistics in the fashion and luxury sector, who need an automated, flexible, scalable and high-performance solution to manage their internal logistics.

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What does the Temra Company do?

“Temra” company is an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider for the fashion luxury industry. The company provides a range of solutions to help luxury fashion brands and retailers increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience and manage business processes such as supply chains.

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These solutions include IoT devices, sensors, and software platforms to help customers track operational data on inventory, shipments, after-sales services, and more. In addition, Temra provides data analysis and management tools to help customers better understand their business and customer needs, and make more informed business decisions.

In addition, Temra provides blockchain technology and other security solutions to help protect the privacy and security of brands and consumers. These technologies can help trace a product’s origin, prove its authenticity, and ensure it hasn’t been tampered with or pirated.

Overall, Temra provides fashion luxury brands and retailers with a series of comprehensive IoT solutions to help them achieve digital transformation, improve operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and protect the safety of brands and consumers.

RFID Projects Technology in T!Conveyor

t!Conveyor solutions can be used in all aspects of omni-channel distribution, from wholesale to retail, from e-commerce to returns management, and provide full flexibility in terms of quantity and order. The t!Conveyor system is fully integrated with Stylewhere, Temera’s product authentication and supply chain tracking platform.

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Arcangelo D’Onofrio, CEO of Temera, said: “RFID technology alone does not bring absolute benefits, it requires changes in the company’s internal processes, and requires a set of instruments that can enrich traditional logistics functions, if not completely disrupt them. The t!Conveyor solution we developed with MHART offers the opportunity for all companies looking for an innovative solution that not only brings substantial benefits to operations during goods receiving, but also operates with strong RFID capabilities, reducing the need for manual labor.”

Providing digital functionality to products has always been a focused direction for Temera. Today, through UHF tags, this capability allows people to talk directly to mechanical components and ensures that the products themselves are stored, sorted, sorted, etc. according to preset paths.

Andrea Di Bella, CEO of MHART, declares: “Together with Temera, we are committed to finding the most efficient and profitable solutions at the production, management and economic levels to offer the market a fully embedded The solution.t!Conveyor is a complete set of products, based on a shared conceptual design, combining vertical domain expertise in design, integration handling and traceability.

This package is the first step towards a complete production and logistics project with a material handling system that guarantees productivity, performance, scalability and quality.

The development of the fashion market requires comprehensive solutions and provides customers with well-designed projects to support the development of their business. “

Summary and Outlook

The development of the market and the maturity of RFID project technology have provided many new companies with knowledge power. In the future, RFID project will become the key to the development of science and technology.

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