Semnox Solutions, a provider of overall technology solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry, has recently obtained a US patent for its RFID tag roaming solution. With this solution, Semnox hopes to improve the customer experience for operators of venues with two or more branches.


With Semnox’s solution, customers can use a single user profile or account to manage locations with multiple outlets. This ensures they can use their entitlements across all brands and stores, including checking membership balances, loyalty points and membership benefits, while also enabling point accumulation and redemption, the company explained.

Chris King, president of the Monster Mini Golf chain of family entertainment centers, said in a statement: “Our operators are using several point-of-sale systems, as well as various third-party applications, to operate their various locations. This is an efficient way to manage our business. and analytics because we don’t have unity and transparency at the top. The Semnox system provides an all-in-one system that brings us all together and integrates new tools like online booking and e-commerce.

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Semnox Solutions What Methods be Used to Reduce Costs?

Using a software-only approach, the solution synchronizes local activity with a cloud database that can then be accessed by other stores in real time. Semnox reports that the solution’s on-demand capabilities provide live roaming when needed. This approach reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for costly hardware and database software function costs.

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At the same time, the solution is scalable and can be used for small stores or companies with hundreds of stores. Stores can be divided into automated roaming clusters, creating areas with more roaming activity. Semonx explained that since sync activity is limited to the set zone level, all storage within the zone can utilize the storage information, while also saving network and memory.

The solution is capable of two-way synchronization between the cloud and stores, giving businesses more control over distributed operations from headquarters, the company said. Mike Abecassis, owner of the multi-unit entertainment venue GameTime, said in a statement: “We needed something that would provide us with all the functionality in the industry, from party bookings to game card system interactions, from point redemption to loyalty programs. . Semnox is the only solution that truly covers every part of it without having to integrate other software.

What is Roaming? How to Combine RFID Tag with Roaming?

Roaming is a term used to describe the ability of a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet, to connect to a different mobile network than the one to which it is normally assigned. This allows users to stay connected to voice, text, and data services even when they are outside the coverage area of their home network.


When a mobile device is outside the coverage area of its home network, it will automatically search for and connect to a network that is available in the area. This network could be a partner network of the home network, or it could be a completely different network.

Roaming can be useful when traveling internationally or in areas with limited coverage from the home network. However, roaming can also result in additional charges for voice, text, and data usage, so it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of your mobile plan before using your device while roaming.

The integration of RFID technology and roaming projects has greatly reduced the cost and efficiency, and tourists can quickly play various projects through the individual system provided by Semnox. Semnox reports that they plan to expand their business to more small stores or large supermarkets.

Summary and Outlook

We can easily find that the combination of rfid technology and various other high-tech concepts is very feasible. Originally, roaming is the most common data service in mobile phones, so that it can be connected to the Internet in different countries or regions.

Now this concept has been applied to RFID technology, and the combination is good. Newbega company has a significant advantage in RFID technology, we have 20 years of industry experience. The company’s integrity, strength and product quality has been unanimously recognized in the industry. If you have this need, you can contact us.

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