Visitors to the recent Nashville Predators WineFest in Tennessee in the USA were able to access exclusive digital content provided by nearly 90 retailers taking part in the fundraising event set up NFC tags with their NFC-enabled smartphone.

set up nfc tag

The tags were attached to individual products on participating retailers’ stalls, enabling consumers to access detailed information about particular wines, product distribution information and purchasing options.

The Nashville event was the first to deploy the internet of things platform that combines physical NFC tags with data management and “other active engagement solutions with capabilities for tag commissioning, consumer experience and data analytics”, technology provider Identiv explains.

“Eighty-eight Nashville Predators WineFest wine, spirits and food vendors were presented with the opportunity to create a custom mobile menu on the platform.

“Attendees accessed these menus by tapping their mobile devices to Identiv NFC tags affixed to products at each vendor’s table.”

The event raised funds to support the Predators Foundation’s work with young people and their families in the Nashville area.

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What is the Nashville Wine Festival?

The Nashville Wine Festival is an annual event that takes place in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States. It is a celebration of wine and has become a popular event for wine enthusiasts in the area.

nashville wine festival

At the festival, attendees can sample a wide variety of wines from different wineries and regions while enjoying music and food pairings. The event usually takes place over the course of a day or a weekend and features live music performances, food trucks, and food vendors that offer a variety of cuisine options.

The Nashville Wine Festival provides an opportunity for wine lovers to explore and enjoy wines they may have never tried before. It also serves as a social gathering for people to enjoy each other’s company over a shared love of wine. As with many events, the Nashville Wine Festival may take place differently due to changes in restrictions or guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Set up NFC Tag in Festival Banquets

NFC tags can do much at other banquets, NFC tags can play an important role in festival banquets, such as Oktoberfest, in a number of ways.

First, NFC tags can be used to effectively manage attendee access to the festival banquet. By providing attendees with NFC wristbands or other types of NFC-enabled badges, event organizers can use NFC readers or scanners to quickly and easily check attendee credentials, track attendance, and prevent unauthorized entry.

NFC tags can also be used to enhance the overall attendee experience. For example, in the case of Oktoberfest, NFC tags can be embedded in beer mugs or steins, allowing attendees to easily reorder drinks without the need to wait in long lines. This can help improve the efficiency of the festival and create a better experience for attendees.

In addition, NFC tags can be used for cashless payments at festival banquets. Similar to the use of NFC-embedded wristbands, attendees can use NFC-enabled payment methods, such as mobile wallets, to purchase food, drinks, and merchandise without the need to carry cash or credit cards.

NFC technology can play a valuable role in festival banquets, helping to streamline access management, enhance the overall attendee experience, and provide more convenient payment options.

Summary and Outlook

The event raised funds that supported the Predators Foundation’s work with young people and their families in the Nashville area. The use of NFC tags improved the customer experience, allowing businesses to offer customized digital menus, and raised more funds. The success of this event suggests an increased adoption of IoT tech, and more digital engagement between retailers and consumers in future events.

nfc tag

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