In recent years of card factory, an obvious phenomenon is that when the mobile phone has the NFC function, the market space of the transportation card has been greatly squeezed. With the gradual popularization of the scanning code function, the smart card has lost a certain right to speak in the field of payment.

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However, in the era of rapid development, there is no shortage of opportunities. It is understood that at present, smart card enterprises are embracing changes and looking for new markets, and the author knows two: one is from the national endorsement of the new wind mouth, the other is from the extremely hot car market in the past two years, the former is the digital RMB, the latter is the digital car key.

At present, some factories are starting to layout, and some factories have been expanding their market share.

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"Card-free" is a False Proposition

Relevant data show that at present, the largest market for smart card shipments is telecom SIM card. In 2021, the global telecom SIM card shipments are 4.9 billion, accounting for 51.83% of the total shipments, followed by financial IC cards, shipments of 3.25 billion, accounting for 33.39%.

It can be found that although the shipment is not as large as that of telecom SIM cards, the demand for smart cards in the financial industry has always been not small, and now there is more fierce growth momentum —— digital currency.

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It should be noted that the digital currency mentioned here is not an online virtual currency, but a new concept of the central banks of various countries to enable finance and payment, which is another innovation after cash and electronic payment.

At present, not only abroad, the Central People’s Bank of China is also vigorously promoting the digital currency, namely the digital RMB. Relevant data show that by the end of 2021, China’s digital RMB pilot scenarios have exceeded 8.0851 million, supporting 3.625 million digital RMB merchants, and with a transaction value of 87.565 billion yuan.

Compared with the traditional financial IC card, the hardware facilities of digital RMB are very different either in terms of function or in the industrial chain involved behind it. And as a hard wallet (namely digital RMB storage of smart card), its requirements for technology, security performance and other aspects are different from those of traditional IC cards.

With these different support, the digital RMB industry has created a new market space for smart card factories.

It is understood that in the 2022 Winter Olympics, the digital RMB hard wallet once became a must for foreign friends. In addition to cash payments, China’s third-generation social security card has been piloted with digital RMB hard wallet, and major state-owned banks are launching hard wallet products.

For smart card factories, the focus of the layout of digital RMB lies in the stability of market growth. After all, in China, the digital renminbi is an imperative project and a necessary mission, both to fill the inconvenience of the lack of a cash role and to ensure the security of cross-border payments.

Therefore, in the digital RMB such a new wind mouth, “no card” or has become a false proposition.

In addition, in addition to the financial industry application, which has a relatively high market share mentioned above, in the booming automobile industry in recent years, it has also spawned another market for smart cards, —— digital car keys.

The Sense of Technology and Ritual from the Cards

As we all know, the development of new energy vehicles in the past two years is unstoppable. According to relevant data, the sales volume of the global Top20 new energy vehicle brands reached 7.5 million units in 2022, and the global sales volume of new energy vehicles increased by 61.6%, and the market trend is expanding.

This is even more prominent in China. According to CCTV, China has been winning the world’s first place in the production and sales of new energy vehicles for eight consecutive years.

For new energy vehicles, the most important thing is the sense of science and technology. Now many car manufacturers are optimizing the scheme of human-car linkage to provide car owners with more fashionable and convenient car experience.

At the same time, with the owners’ attention to technology and fashion, as well as the digital upgrade of the vehicle and surrounding parts, as the first scene of human-car linkage, opening the door has become the first part that needs to be upgraded, and the card key has emerged at the historic moment.

Take the world-famous car dealers Tesla and BMW as an example; related card key products have good sales.

Summary and Outlook about the Card Factory

In fact, “card-free” is just a microcosm of the environment, whether smart card enterprises or enterprises deeply engaged in other products, only by embracing innovative technology and participating in it, seize each wave of The era, can have the opportunity to ride the wind and waves, go further.

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