To date, about 200 million people in the United States may now have received a Covid-19 digital vaccine card. The digital pass, known as the SMART Health Card, is voluntary and designed as very simple to protect personal information. It has a person’s name, date of birth, and date and brand of vaccination, which are included in a traceable bar code known as a QR code.

However, while the Biden administration said in March 21 that it would not play a leading role in any national health card, the idea of a “vaccine” passport still suffered opposition, even banned, especially in Republican-led states such as Alabama and Texas.

Although in the later performance, the issuance of two-dimensional code is still gradually accelerating the pace. But the safety is still a concern.

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What is a Smart Health Card?

qr code business cardThe smart health card is not a single application, but an open source computer code that anyone can use to ping a verified source of health data and produce a unique QR code. Digital cards are now widely available from over 400 sources, including states, pharmacies, and healthcare organizations.

The fact that the system exists in any form is a victory for a coalition of technology experts, nonprofits, and most Democratic states that have advocated for the development of digital vaccine cards even before the first COVID-19 vaccine was injected.

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“It’s a de facto standard,” said Rick Klau, California’s chief technology innovation officer. ” It’s basically a common way that residents make sure of the digital copy and then use it.”

What Does it Bring to The Users?

Digital cards offer some of the benefits that go beyond paper cards. QR codes cannot be forged like paper cards because restaurants or music venues can use a scanner app to verify its legitimacy. If people lose the QR code, they can also download it again, which greatly increases the convenience factor.

Klau, a former manager of Google, advised on the system in other states. In California alone, 7 million people have downloaded their QR code, and he estimates that about 80 percent of the 247 million Americans are available if they want to get smart health cards through the state Health Department or where they were vaccinated.

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One key feature is that QR codes are standardized and interoperable, so they can cross state boundaries. A New Jersey resident visiting San Francisco could use the same system to prove vaccination for Californians.

In addition, they can work internationally. Countries, including Britain, Israel and Singapore, have said they would recognize the codes if Americans showed the QR codes abroad, Klau said.

This means that the QR code is accessible in every country, and there is no complicated change of information or software at each place.

What Exactly Are People Worried About?

EFF engineering director Alexis Hancock said: ” Scanning your health information in front of any business still worries me because we generally don’t have a federal data privacy law.” She points out that software unrelated to vaccines can be used to scan driver’s licenses.

This means that the emergence of health cards will leak people’s information and travel restrictions on public buildings.

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She also showed that the danger would be reduced if Congress or state lawmakers passed new consumer protection measures. A bill under consideration by the New York state legislature will establish new safeguards for health-care immunization information.

Except for personal privacy issues. Nationwide, some of the toughest political issues remain pending. Do companies have the right to reject people without a QR code for the vaccine? Or in a pandemic, should a city or state even require companies to reject people, as Canada does? What about those who can’t get vaccinated for health reasons?

“We will not be safe until the site can ‘request’ SMART health QR codes and stop accepting photos of a paper card or card. And that won’t happen unless authorized by state or local governments, ” Jamie Zawinski said. He is a software developer and owns a nightclub called DNA Lounge in San Francisco. He asked customers to hold QR codes or temporarily hold their paper CDC cards.


The initial design of the smart health card was designed for convenience services. After solving people’s doubts, its development progress has been greatly accelerated, which means that  will be more and more accepted by people.

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