RFID technology is a technology that uses radio waves for non-contact automatic identification. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, RFID technology is more and more widely used in different application scenarios. In hotels, hospitals, washing plants and other industries, RFID technology is also used in the operation and management of the whole life cycle of smart linen.

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Smart linen is an indispensable item in hotels, hospitals and other places. How to manage smart linen has always been a major problem faced by managers. The traditional manual management method is inefficient, consumes a lot of human resources, and is prone to problems such as smart linen loss and confusion. The application of RFID technology can make smart linen management intelligent and realize automatic management.

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How to Realize Intelligent Management of Smart linen?

First, arrange RFID chips on each piece of smart linen. The RFID chip is small and light, and can be easily installed on the smart linen without affecting the appearance and use effect. Each RFID chip has a unique identification code, through which each smart linen can be managed precisely.

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While installing the RFID chip, it also needs to cooperate with the RFID reader. When the RFID reader scans the smart linen, the RFID reader will read the information of the RFID chip and record it in the system to complete automatic inventory and other work.

Next, using RFID technology to establish a smart linen management system needs to involve hardware equipment and software platforms. Among them: the hardware equipment includes RFID handheld Bluetooth reader, RFID reader terminal, desktop reader, etc.

And the software platform includes data collection, data query, data analysis, etc. The whole life cycle management of smart linen can be realized through the software system, including smart linen quantity management, circulation management, cleaning management, logistics management, financial analysis, etc. At the same time, the system can also provide managers with various data about smart linen at any time Information, such as smart linen data, smart linen usage rate, smart linen cleaning times, etc.

What are the Advantages of Applying RFID Technology in Smart Linen Management?

First of all, RFID technology can improve the efficiency of smart linen management. RFID technology can realize automatic recording and automatic inventory, which greatly improves the management effect, reduces labor costs, and greatly reduces the loss of smart linen due to manual inventory.

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Secondly, RFID technology can realize the full life cycle management of smart linen. Through the identification code on the RFID chip, precise management of each smart linen can be realized. Whether it is quantity management, circulation management, cleaning management, logistics management, etc., efficient and accurate management can be achieved through RFID technology.

Finally, RFID technology can avoid problems such as smart linen loss and confusion. After each smart linen is implanted with an RFID chip, the smart linen can be tracked at any time.

To sum up, the application of RFID technology to manage smart linen can improve management efficiency, realize the full life cycle management of smart linen, and avoid problems such as loss and confusion of smart linen. Therefore, it is a very efficient and intelligent management method to apply RFID technology for smart linen management in hotels, hospitals, washing plants and other scenarios.


The linen arrangement in hotel management has always been the focus of human and energy input, and in many cases, we have to spend a lot of time to manage it. However, with the smart linen with the support of RFID technology, we can count the hotel supplies more quickly and increase the efficiency.

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