As a leader in the global sporting goods industry, Adidas has been promoting the digital transformation of its stores, using digital means to strengthen the construction of smart stores. Adhering to the brand’s sustainable development genes, Adidas chose RFID technology to improve operational efficiency and realize efficient digital management of all aspects of offline store operations.


As the world’s leading clothing retail Internet of Things solution provider, Invengo has reached a cooperation with Adidas on the RFID smart store project with years of project experience in the apparel industry, high-quality service level and excellent product quality to help it efficiently implement smart stores Management, the overall RFID solution provided by Invengo Valley has been implemented in Adidas stores, providing smart upgrade services.

On April 24th, a representative of Adidas Sports (China) Co., Ltd. visited the Adidas store in Guangzhou to inspect the application of the RFID smart store project. exchange.

Under the leadership of colleagues from the Invengo Valley project, Adidas and his team experienced the results of the RFID smart store project.

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Comprehensive Cooperation Between Invengo and Adidas

The comprehensive cooperation between Invengo and Adidas builds the Internet of Things for offline stores through the “Smart Internet of Things”, creates automation and intelligence for physical stores, and implements relevant applications in smart retail industry scenarios, which not only solves the problem of digital upgrading of physical stores The problem has also brought commercial value for reference to the entire retail industry and provided a new impetus for the digital transformation of retail companies.

rfid technology

Adidas and his team were deeply touched by this inspection activity, and on April 26, they entered the Yuanwang Valley for a visit and exchange.

The delegation visited the Yuanwang Valley exhibition hall, production workshop, etc. During the visit, it focused on demonstrating the application scenarios of the new retail clothing store for the visitors, so that the visiting guests had a more intuitive experience of the new retail.

The two parties conducted in-depth communication and exchanges on more application scenarios in stores in the next step: self-service cashier, data collection for fittings and shoes, RFID anti-theft, etc.

Multi-party Cooperation to Promote the Development of RFID Smart Retails

Chen Guangzhu, chairman of Invengo, and Wang Lei, general manager of the retail business department, and relevant personnel gave a warm reception.

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During this visit, Adidas and his team had an in-depth understanding of Invengo’s product features and applications, technology research and development strength, and production scale of main products, which effectively enhanced mutual strategic mutual trust.

Both parties expressed their hope to take this cooperation as an opportunity to organically integrate Invengo’s technology accumulation and achievements in the RFID Internet of Things industry with Adidas’ industrial layout in the field of shoe and apparel retailing, to innovate new formats of RFID smart store solutions, and to serve the society Create value with customers.

Summary and Outlook

Looking forward to the future, Invengo and Adidas will practice the automation and intelligence of smart stores through more innovative cooperation and new technology applications, and deepen the connection + intelligence, platform + ecology. By accelerating the digital and intelligent transformation of the retail industry, Realize the commercial closed loop of quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase.

In the new retail era, digitalization connects online and offline, and also connects management and people’s hearts. In the future, digitization will run through all aspects of the apparel industry and become the lifeline of innovation. Digital innovation is not only technological innovation, but also operational innovation and sales innovation.

In this process, data has become a treasure that can be developed infinitely, new operating models are constantly being created, and the future is still full of room for imagination.

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