In Europe and the United States, there are many other payment methods besides cash payment, such as online shopping.

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Today, it has become quite convenient to buy things at Amazon, which offers a variety of payment methods: bank cards, credit cards, debit cards, and special gift cards. The same goes for offline supermarket shopping. Both credit and debit cards are easy to understand, it is equivalent to when we buy something, the money is transferred away in the bank card, but what is this special gift card?

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What is the Special Gift Card?

There are generally two ways to present special gift cards:

Physical card (with cash receipt) is generally an offline purchase, according to different payment methods, and cash receipt card (the most secure), credit card receipt card (with a very small redemption risk).

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Is the electronic card secret card, is generally purchased through a variety of e-commerce platforms, and then send the card secret directly to the mailbox, you charge the balance to buy.(Some redemption risk)

Classification of Special Gift Cards

The first is a “universal card” issued by a bank or a major credit card company, where you can go to any store at will. For example, special gift cards issued by a credit card company usually have a fixed face value. According to each American Express, VISA card, everything card and other credit card companies are the main issuers of this universal special gift card.

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The second is the own proprietary special gift cards issued by retailers or restaurants. The merchants selling special gift cards are mostly fashion shops, shoe stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and bookstores, etc., and the largest increase is fashion stores.

While the proportion of special gift cards sold in fashion stores and supermarkets has soared, they still lag behind appliance stores. Steam, Google, ebay, eshop, xbox, Razer, Amazon, Walmart, ebey, Apple, iTunes, Nike, Sephora, Macy, and more.

The primary source of special gift cards

There are three main types of sources for special gift cards

First, It is a special gift card distributed by the company or given by friends. Similar to domestic festivals, companies will issue some special gift cards, gas cards and movie cards. It may also be friends giving gifts, because foreign special gift cards are hard currency and anonymous, giving gifts are the most appropriate, these people need to sell for cash.

Second, the rewards distributed by the platform are special gift card, questionnaire survey, PP new recruitment, part-time advertising, etc.

Third, the token remittance of illegal workers. For example, Nigerian nationals buy special gift cards offline in other countries, then take photos and send them to their families in Nigeria which has a large number of expatriates working in Europe and the United States, sending the money to their families in Nigeria. But instead of choosing the normal remittance model, they choose to buy a special gift card and send photos of the string code to their families.

The Realization of Special Gift Cards

The realization of special gift cards is very diversified, mainly into offline realization and online realization.

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The first is offline cash, like Sephora, apple, NIKE, fifth avenue platform only allows you through his offline shops to buy, and then through the hard currency physical to sell, like Sephora cosmetics belong to hard currency, fifth avenue LV, chanel luxury, apple’s mobile phone, notebook is easy to sell, such as buy the most like to use this low discount special gift card to buy, in addition to the difference and tax rebates.

The second is online realization, online realization is also divided into many kinds, either do their own businesses or developers into their own shops also buy things to earn foreign exchange difference, or as a buyer to move bricks or evaluation rebate to cash.

This play a big business but need a strong resource integration ability, such as receipt, payment, payment, fraud, cushion, payment, settlement and other issues (can not be deep). The small thing is to realize shopping through various e-commerce platforms, which only considers the platform risk control and physical realization, and it is easier to get started.


In this paper, summarized many methods about the use of special gift cards, special gift cards as a common way of trading in developed countries, has a broad market and business opportunities.

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