Avery Dennison Smartrac has launched the AD Minidose U9 RAIN RFID label for pharmaceutical applications which is a super small RFID tag. releasing critical RFID value for healthcare, pharmacy, and laboratory asset management.

AD Minidose U9 Is one of the smallest products on the market with the ARC Certification (Spec S) from the Auburn University RFID Laboratory, and is approved for use by the DoseID Industry Alliance.

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AD Minidose U9 Based on the success of the Minidose U8 inlay, 2021, it operates in the standard UHF RFID band between 860 MHz-960 MHz, with a small size of 22x12mm. With its long reading range, AD Minidose U9 is certified even in dense inventory environments for all current DoseID product categories.

The RFID tag uses NXP UCODE 9 IC and the IC is equipped with 96-bit EPC memory, including a 96-bit tag identifier (TID) and a 48-bit unique serial number factory encoded into the TID.

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What is The Super Small RFID Tag?

An RFID tag is a smart barcode that allows the information within the barcode to be read quickly by a specific reader. RFID is short for ”radio frequency identification.” so RFID uses RF technology, where these radio waves transmit data from the label to the reader, which then transmits the information to the RFID computer program.

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Super-small RFID Tag offer new possibilities for healthcare, pharmacy and laboratory asset management.

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What are The Advantages of The Super Small RFID Tag?

The Max Winograd, VP of Smartrac Internet Products in Ally Denison, commented, ” AD Minidose U9 meets the needs of a wide range of corporate drug project-level use cases. The RFID tag is powerful on transparent and amber glass and on plastic and syringes, even when filled with drugs and biological products.”

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“This unleashes critical RFID value for asset and inventory management in multiple pharmaceutical or healthcare applications. It also meets specific client requirements to ensure patient safety, increase caregivers’ “care time” and reduce inefficiencies during operations.” he said.

Avery Dennison Smartrac is Kit Check’s primary RFID partner, and Kit Check is a provider of automated drug tracking and transfer testing solutions for US hospital pharmacies that has provided RFID tags since the launch of the Kit Check app.

RFID-enabled Kit Check inventory management solutions can help hospitals modernize and automate the replenishment process, thereby saving on excess drug spending and ensuring patient safety.

What Will The Partnership with Kit Check and Avery Dennison Smartrac Bring?

According to Kit Check co-founder Tim Kress-Spatz, “ Kit Check’s inventory of pharmaceutical containers is expanding by increasing a number of different sizes and series of containers. We are committed to working successfully with Alli Denison Smartrac and their product line continues to evolve to meet our needs. We label the various drugs through the Kit Check solution to provide suitable medicines so that the right drugs for the right patient at the right time each time.”

AD Minidose U9 Serve as a dry and wet RFID label with NXP UCODE 9 IC and will ship in bulk from the second quarter of 2022. AD Minidose U9 RFID Labels meet ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system to ensure reliable and most advanced products to meet a variety of application requirements.

They are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry, as confirmed by the Auburn University RFID Laboratory, which awarded Avery Dennison Smartrac the first ever ARC certification of overall design and manufacturing quality.


Avery Dennison Smartrac has launched the AD Minidose U9 RAIN RFID label for pharmaceutical applications, releasing critical RFID value for healthcare, pharmacy, and laboratory asset management.

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