Although the 2022 Qatar World Cup has come to an end, trading cards featuring competing soccer stars are still the most popular items in the second-hand market. On November 27, a top football star was bidding at the highest price for the football card. After 53 bids, the card was priced at $24,000.

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Cards with portraits of sports stars are also known as “trading cards”. In European and American countries, trading cards have a history of hundreds of years. Several card companies monopolize the copyright of important sports events and the copyright of well-known stars in the sports industry, and gradually develop the trading card business into a huge industry with an annual turnover of hundreds of millions of yuan.

In the secondary market, the trading card business is also hot. On November 17, a signed trading card from basketball star Luka Dončić sold at the PWCC Marketplace auction for $3.12 million. —— On July 6, 2021, a Stephen Curry basketball trading card was privately sold for $5.9 million.

What makes it so popular? And why is everyone willing to pay more money for it?

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History of Trading Cards

The trading card is a card with a basketball star(or other sport star), introduced in 1880 by an American tobacco manufacturer. Early player cards, used as cigarette gifts (attached to cigarette boxes), were also helped, including candy and toy makers, to form a collection unique to the United States. Formed a cultural product with characteristics and a broad audience.

According to experts, the first company to make trading cards would be Goodwin & Co., the maker of Old Judge and Gypsy Queen tobacco maker, which issued more than 2,000 baseball cards between 1886 and 1890, but the early players were mostly so famous that the cards didn’t attract much interest.

Topps, the first official company specializing in the production of player cards, came into being in this era, and from 1951, became a giant in the ball card industry. Most of the most popular and popular cards in the market are Tops cards, and many collectors have developed the habit of collecting a complete set of Topps baseball every year.

The second player companies, Fleer and Donruss, issued player cards in 1981 after Topps lost the antitrust case in 1980. Since then, America’s trading cards has gradually entered the war era.

What are The Types of Cards?

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There are many kinds of trading cards, and the legitimate cards usually have the portrait rights of the stars. Cards are divided into general card, special card, limited edition card, precious metal card, etc. Among them, the highest circulation is general card, and the most collectible value is limited card and precious metal card.

The production process is very simple, only need to have the portrait right of the player to make the business card. On the back of the card is usually marked with the card number, the star’s back number, height, weight, birthday, graduation school, recent status or his small introduction. And special card is synonymous with superstar, many general cards in the future have the possibility to change into special card.

Limited card is a card with accurate limited number of cards. Generally, the ordinary limited card is printed by general card + limited number, among which the limited limit card with signature has the highest collection value.

The precious metal card surface is similar to the general card, but the material is gold, silver or other precious metals, which is easier to conserve, but also has a very high appreciation space.

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Why Does It Make Players Rush to Buy It?

There are many reasons for its popularity, such as card quality control, release time, season time, player performance, hoarding and manipulation of capital, the overall social and economic situation, and so on.

Generally speaking, the new series of cards is more popular when just released, and the price will gradually increase in the first few months of the release, and then fall to the bottom in the next half a year to a year, and finally gradually rise after three or five years, maintaining at a relatively stable level.

 In this process, if there is poor card quality control, poor performance of players on the field, and a large amount of capital hoarding of a certain kind of cards, this rule will be broken, and the price of cards will plummet or rise rapidly.


The popularity of the trading cards in China indicates that it still has good vitality. Some customers with poor conditions are also willing to buy non-legitimate trading cards for collection. Newbega company has 20 years of production experience. If you have this demand, you can get in touch with us.

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